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Wellness Laguna

Good morning, good day or good evening. The doors of the Wellness Laguna are open to guests of the Hotel Histrion from 9:00 to 20:00 every day.

Wellness Laguna is a center for comprehensive care treatments for health, beauty and well-being. Experts in the field of skin care will be happy to assist you in selecting the best care for your skin type. Therapists in the field of massage and body treatments will contribute to your well-being and in particular better health. At the Wellness, we are appreciate the richness of nature, so we especially recommend soothing wraps with mud from the salt pans, which are used in both beauty treatments and for therapeutic purposes. All our guests benefit from a comprehensive approach, both women and men.

Location & contact

Hotel Histrion
Obala 2
6320 Portoroz

T: (05) 695 89 01 
E: wellness.laguna@h-bernardin.si

Opening hours: 
Every day from 9.00 up to 20.00  

Wellness Laguna offer

We recommend

Prossotherapy-mechanical lymphatic drainage


Pressotherapy enhances lymphatic fluid clearance and detoxifies the body. Pressotherapy enhances lymphatic fluid clearance and detoxifies the body

Price: 1x therapy/ 25,00€ (40 min)

Anticellulite treatment with electrostimulation (celutron)


The treatment is done with a machine on the stomach and tights and is efficient in the reduction of cellulite. The impulses generated by the machine eontract the muscles, which burn fat and transfom it into energy. The treatment stimulates metabolism and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Price: 1x therapy/ 30,00 € (40 min.)

Anticellulite treatment with vacum


Vacum therapy helps fight cellulite. It stimulates microcirculation and the lymphatic system, improves the skin's elasticity and reduces fat cells. The skin is supple and luminous.

Price: 1x therapy/ 30,00 € (30 min.)

NEW! Enchanting massage with candles

The first step of this exceptional experience is heating the candles to a pleasant temperature. The candle has an enchanting aroma and is suitable especially for firming and nourishing the skin, for a better tonus and drainage. The massage of the whole body relaxes body and soul.

60 min, 58 € / person

Wine therapy

Relaxing body ritual: the peeling with grape seeds removes dead skin cells and prepares it for the masasge with grape oil, which restores the cells and gives a delicate frangrance to the skin. After the treatment the skin is supple and nourished. 

70 min: 57 € / person

1 day spa package POWER

Energetic therapy 60 min

The treatment comprises a body peeling and massage with an energising balm, which regenerates the skin and restores energy. The treatment’s ingredients have a beneficial effect and contribute to a healthier look. After the treatment the skin is hydrated, vital, supple and firm.

Facial, neck and décolleté massage 30 min

An intensive massage of face, neck and décolleté that stimulates the circulation in the skin and the influx of oxygen. Specific massage strokes enhance the elasticity of the skin, the production of collagen and elastin and prevent aging.

90 min: 70 € / person

Gift certificates

Are you looking for the perfect gift for business partners or your loved ones? A gift to pamper them in a relaxing environment and give them a few moments for themselves? In order to find an appropriate gift certificate for you, we have prepared certificates which may include any of our services or any amount of money you want to be given to allow the recipient to choose freely among the services and cosmetic products for facial and body care.  

You don’t have time to come and visit us? You can call us at +386 5 695 8901 or write an e- mail to wellness.laguna@bernardingroup.si and tell us your preferences and data. After that, we will send you the gift certificate by mail (pay on delivery).