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Shall we go enjoy ourselves?A stone’s throw away from the sea, where summer lasts longer

Summer heat is slowly fading away and streets are not jam-packed with tourists any more. Summer is far from being over in Istria and the Slovenian coast. In fact, the destination has become more luring, much calmer and perfectly suitable for all generations, either for families with pre-school children or for grandparents who would love to spend time playfully with their grandchildren. The late summer sun, with its pleasant sunbeams, is perfect for lazy strolls, or more energetic activities, culinary experiences or simply enjoying your stay in good company. 

Can you already imagine what a great time you will have?

For families, San Simon Resort, Izola ***

Having time for your family is important, but what is even more important is taking your time to spend it with them. Here are some suggestions for a delightful early autumn escape. Why not enjoy some time at the seaside in the company of your family or your grandchildren, stay close to the nature or discover and enjoy cultural monuments and events? The autumn season is most suitable for cycling, walking, swimming, hiking and other leisure activities, tailor-made for families.

Periods: 15.9.-22.9 and 25.9.-29.9.2017

Depandanse Korala, Perla, Palma in Sirena
Halfboard in family room
from 53,00 € per person / day

2. Children under 12 free of charge

Life energy, Salinera Resort, Strunjan ***/****

Just a stone’s throw away, the Slovenian coast is without a doubt the best place to look for relaxation, charging one’s batteries and regaining one’s strength and vigour. All of it – within arm’s length from the sea! Enjoy sunbathing at the seashore, pamper your body in warm salty water pools, detox your body in saunas, give your taste buds a treat while visiting our restaurant, boasting a marvellous view on the sunset over the sea, and enjoy a morning walk along the wavy seashore. This sounds as an ideal vacation, coinciding perfectly with the period when summer heat and the crowds are already fading away. The mild and invigourating climate of the Slovenian coast offers utmost relaxation while listening to the roaring sea waves throughout the year.

Periods: 24.9.-29.9 and 30.9.-27.10.2017

Hotel Salinera
Halfboard in double room 4*
from 47,00 € per person / day

Infinite pampering, San Simon Resort, Izola ****

The most wonderful gifts that a loving person can give to their beloved one, are their time, devotion and love. A short vacation is therefore the most appropriate gift that you can offer your darling. Just a quick jump from the sea and you are going to spend the most romantic and unforgettable moments of your lifetime. At Hoteli Bernardin we will take care of you and provide for your relaxation and well-being. You will be able to enjoy peaceful moments and escape the daily fuss, admire scenic views and have time for conversation as well as romantic moments while savouring delicious food.

Periods: 17.9.-20.9 and 23.9.-28.9.2017

Hotel Haliaetum/dep. Mirta
Halbpension + Exclusive spa day treatment in double room
from 68,50 € per person / day