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Body treatments - aesthetic care programme - Wellness Syra

Price list

Body scrub with sea salt and essential oils

This is the basis of proper skin care, as it gently removes dead surface cells and impurities, and preserves natural moisture reserves, making the skin silky soft. You can choose from several types of salt scrubs with added oils and herbs.

30 min €36.00

Salt-pan mud wraps

The wraps are suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and skin diseases, as salt pan mud accelerates the excretion of waste products and improves the body’s overall immunity.

30 min (partial) €35.00

60 min (whole body) €55.00

Seasonal rejuvenation programme

A luxurious rejuvenating full-body treatment is an unforgettable experience that combines a body scrub, intoxicating fragrant pampering with a massage, and and mask. This treatment offers a complete restoration of youthful freshness, energy and well-being. It is particularly suitable for dry, tired and dehydrated skin, as it leaves the skin feeling smooth and nourished.

80 min €70.00

Anti-cellulite massage

Special massage techniques and anti-cellulite oil are used to improve blood circulation and microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue, activate the lymphatic system, and stimulate the elimination of residual toxins from the body. The massage focuses on the problem areas of the body.

40 min €46.00

Anti-cellulite body wrap

Its powerful lipolytic effect helps break up fat, shape the body and tighten skin with all types of cellulite.

60 min €50.00