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Facial treatments - Wellness Syra

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Facial peeling with AHA acids

The treatment with AHA fruit acids is done in spring and autumn. It  cleanses thoroughly, stimulates collagen synthesis, eases the signs of ageing, helps correct pygmentation, improves hydratation, normalizes the pores' functions and generally improves the skin's appearance.

  • 25 min: 21 EUR

Facial massage with mask

The treatment includes an intensive massage of the face, neck and décolleté and a nourishing and hydrating facial mask. The massage stimulates the circulation and the influx of oxygen, whereas specific massage strokes enhance the elasticity of the skin, the production of collagen and elastin and prevent aging. The mask provides additional nourishment and hydratation.

  • 40 min: 30 EUR

Lymphdrainage of the face and décolleté

The drainage stimulates the lymphatic system and the elimination of the toxins in the body. It is higly reccomended for tired, impure skin and after surgery.

  • 20 min: 24 EUR

Express refreshing facial

The treatment includes superficial cleansing and a peeling to remove impurities. To finish off the facial massage and mask restore the skin's freshness and thoroughly hydrate it.

  • 30 min: 35 EUR

Refreshing facial - Pure oxygen

The facial includes a superficial cleansing and a peeling to remove impurities. A massage and the appropriate mask restore the skin's oxygen supplies, stimulate its detoxification and the activity of skin cells. After the treatment the skin has a healthier look, is visibly rejuvenated and  its ageing is slowed down.

  • 60 min: 50 EUR

Rejuvenating facial with collagen

An active anti-ageing treatment for skins of 35 years or more. It includes superficial and deep cleansing, which are followed by the application of an anti-ageing creamy mask for the eye contour and a rejuvenating mask for the face. The treatment is finished with a face massage with an intensively hydrating cream. 

  • 60 min: 50 EUR

Classic facial

A complete facial care with deep and superficial cleansing and a peeling to remove impurities. The skin is then treated with the application of special ampoulles or acids, followed by a massage and mask of he face, neck and décolleté to restore freshness and youth.

  • 60 min: 52 EUR
  • 80 min: 65 EUR

Hydrating facial

The skin is superficially cleansed and freed of impurities with a peeling. Then we apply specific products that allow deeper hydratation and stimulate the creation of new cells that produce the two most important proteins for the skin: collagen and elastin. After the treatment the skin is smooth, firm and the wrinkles less visible. 

  • 80 min: 65 EUR

Anti-age facial with 24 carat gold

A luxurious facial with gold that stimulates intercellular communication. The high concentration of isoflavones stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. After the treatment the skin is radiant, soft and supple and its tonus is visibly improved.

  • 60 min: 65 EUR

Facial for men

A high-technology treatment specially designed to suit the needs of male skin. It detoxifies the skin and has an anti-stress effect. A light emulsion with micro-granules will thoroughly cleanse the skin and make it smooth. A relaxing and rejuvenating massage combined with a mask containing vitamin C and ginseng will tone up and soothe the skin.

  • 60 min: 52 EUR

Massage of the face, neck and décolleté

Gentle massage movements will relax tensed facial muscles and eliminate stress. The massage has a rejuvenating effect, as it tightens up the skin and makes it smoother.

  • 20 min: 24 EUR

Eyebrows shaping

  • 15 min: 10 EUR

Eyelashes tinting

  • 25 min: 10 EUR

Eyebrows tinting

  • 15 min: 5 EUR