Relaxing massage programmes in Wellness Syra - Hoteli Bernardin
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Relaxing massages

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Aromatherapy Harmony massage

Gentle and slow movements bring the body and spirit into harmony, ensure total relaxation and create a sense of bliss. The massage will relax and pamper you at the same time. The scents of sensual essential oils will lull you into a state of perfect tranquillity and balance.

  • 30 min: 28 EUR
  • 60 min: 55 EUR
  • 90 min: 68 EUR

Thai herbal pack massage

The combination of warm herbal packsand various massase techniques has a beneficial effect on the general well-being. The massage stimulate blood circulation, relax tense muscles and relieve pain in the joints, which may be the consequence of rheumatism or arthritis.

  • 30 min:  30 EUR
  • 60 min:  55 EUR
  • 90 min:  68 EUR

Four hands massage with aromatic oil

A unique experience with varius relaxing massages techniques and essential oils. The healing effects of the massage improve the general well-being and have a beneficial effect on healt. The synchronous movements of both therapists assure deep relaxation.

  • 60 min: 90 EUR

Feet and legs massage

The massage is done on the legs (front and back) and feet. Natural oils are used and a balm for tired legs. It is recommended for those who have tired and heavy legs, limited joints mobility and circulation issues. 

  • 40 min:  42 EUR

Head massage

Brings relaxation and reduces physical and mental stress. The massage will relax your neck and shoulder muscles, wash away the fatigue and fill you with new, refreshing energy. It will also calm and revitalise your senses.

  • 20 min: 20 EUR

Massage for children (5-14 years)

The massage is especially tailored for children from 5 to 14 years of age and is done with natural relaxing oil. It relaxes muscles, eases stress, stimulates the immune system and keeps the body healthy. After the massage kids are relaxed, calm and in a better mood.

  • 20 min:  24 EUR
  • 60 min:  55 EUR
  • 90 min:  68 EUR