Relaxing massage programmes in Wellness Syra - Hoteli Bernardin
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Relaxing massages

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Harmony massage with aromatherapy

Gentle and slow movements harmonise the body and mind, and contribute to complete relaxation and a feeling of bliss. The massage relaxes and pampers your body and mind. The scents of sensual aromatic oils lull you into a state of complete calm and balance.

30 min €33.00

60 min €58.00

90 min €77.00

Massage with warm herbal bundles

The warm herbal bundles, in combination with various massage techniques, will have a beneficial effect on your well-being, stimulate blood circulation, relax tense muscles and relieve joint pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, etc.

30 min €39.00

60 min €65.00

90 min €89.00

Head massage

This soothing massage alleviates stress, provides relief from headaches and a better sense of well-being, as it relieves tension in the neck and head, and relaxes the décolletage area. An acupressure massage technique with essential oils revitalises and restores the scalp, and strengthens the hair down to its roots.

20 min €25.00