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Therapeutic massages

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Classic massage

Increases blood circulation, relaxes the body, improves the general well-being, eliminates stress and tension and restores vitality and flexibility.

  • 20 min: 24 EUR
  • 40 min: 39 EUR
  • 60 min: 55 EUR
  • 90 min: 68 EUR

Antistress massage of the back, shoulders and head

The massage concentrates on the problematic parts of the back and shoulders, releases muscle tension and pain. The head massage relaxes and stimulates blood circulation. After the massage your energy will be restored.

  • 45 min: 43 EUR

Sport massage

An intense yet not overly strong massage of your whole body will relax you and soothe your aching muscles after physical exercise. It is also beneficial for maintaining your physical condition and staying in shape, it improves the psychophysical state and prevents possible injuries. It helps restore normal mobility and coordination.

  • 40 min: 43 EUR
  • 60 min: 56 EUR

Reflexology feet massage

The massage includes the stimulation of reflex points on the feet, which relaxes the whole body and brings it into balance. It stimulates detoxification processes in the body, has a positive effect on all organs and their functioning, stimulates blood circulation, improves lymph circulation and brings the body's energy flow into balance.

  • 30 min: 30 EUR
  • 60 min: 55 EUR

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word for "finger pressure". By pressing different points on the skin along meridians, we stimulate life-energy flows and ease different kinds of pain. Shiatsu massage brings tranquillity to highly-strung individuals and helps those who are dried up to recover their strength. As the massage is done with the clothes on, it is recommended that clients wear light clothing.

  • 60 min: 58 EUR

Tui-na massage

Tui-na massage is done according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to prevent blocks in the meridian flows, healing and preventing various diseases. It's very effective in easing joint and muscle pain, in treating sprains, headaches, insomnia, sinusitis, migraines, PMS, muscle cramps, problems with digestion, stress, ... 

  • 70 min: 68 EUR

Energo-therapeutic massage

With different massage techniques your body is relaxed and the energetic blocks removed. It includes a whole body massage that puts emphasis on the acupressure points, a reflexology foot massage and a soothing head and face massage.

  • 90 min: 80 EUR 
  • 120 min: 120 EUR

Hot stone massage

With a unique massage technique and naturally smoothed hot stones of volcanic origin the massage warms the body. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, improves energy flows in the body, stimulates metabolism, eases muscle tension and pain. It provides positive energy to the whole body.

  • 30 min:  28 EUR
  • 60 min:  55 EUR
  • 90 min:  68 EUR

Detox massage

At first brine is used to massage, then juniper oil and a special massage technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and the detoxification of the body. 

  • 40 min:  39 EUR

Manual lymphdrainage

A special massage technique along the lymphatic system promotes detoxification of the body, reduces water retention and stimulates blood circulation. The treatment is very effective for the reduction of cellulite.

  • 20 min:  24 EUR
  • 40 min:  39 EUR
  • 70 min:  57 EUR


The positive effects of magnets were used already in ancient times. Magnetotherapy improves circulation, relieves pain, provides oxygen to body cells and strengthens the immune system.

  • 5  min:   8 EUR
  • 15 min:  15 EUR
  • 25 min:  20 EUR

Magnetotherapy as a supplemant

  • 20 min:  8 EUR