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Body care

Body care in Mirta Wellness & Spa

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Body salt scrub with Mediterranean herbs 

The body scrub is the initial and basic part of skincare. It removes dead cells of the epidermis, thus reviving the skin and allowing the active ingredients of skincare products to penetrate deeper. This restores the skin’s healthy appearance and glow.

20 min: 25 

Salt-pan mud wraps  

The body wraps improve oxygen supply to cells and tissues, thus improving body and skin immunity. The warmth of the fango affects the nerve endings, alleviates pain, and has a soothing effect on general well-being.

30 min - partial: 17 

30 min - whole body: 33 

Anti-cellulite body wrap

Cinnamon or cecropia cream is applied intensively on the skin, the body is wrapped, thus facilitating the lymphatic system to remove the poisons from the body.

60 min: 49

Anti-cellulite massage

Using a special massage technique, body parts affected by cellulite (thighs, stomach, buttocks) are massaged, thus improving blood circulation. By applying a special anti-cellulite cream, fatty tissue is removed faster, and the flexibility of the skin is improved.

30 min: 30

Pressotherapy – lymphatic drainage (device) 

Pressotherapy stimulates lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

40 min: 25