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Body care

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Body salt scrub with Mediterranean herbs 
The body scrub is the initial and basic part of skincare. It removes dead cells of the epidermis, thus reviving the skin and allowing the active ingredients of skincare products to penetrate deeper. This restores the skin’s healthy appearance and glow.

20 min: 28

Salt-pan mud wraps  
The body wraps improve oxygen supply to cells and tissues, thus improving body and skin immunity. The warmth of the fango affects the nerve endings, alleviates pain, and has a soothing effect on general well-being.

30 min - partial: €25
30 min - whole body: 38

Anti-cellulite massage
Using a special massage technique, body parts affected by cellulite (thighs, stomach, buttocks) are massaged, thus improving blood circulation. By applying a special anti-cellulite cream, fatty tissue is removed faster, and the flexibility of the skin is improved.

30 min: 42

Pressotherapy – lymphatic drainage (device) 
Pressotherapy stimulates lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxic substances from the body.
40 min: 38

Peeling with algae for silky smooth skin
It gently but deeply cleanses impurities, dead cells and sebum accumulation. A scrub enriched with algae also has a detoxifying effect on your skin. Smoothes dry, rough areas and reveals silky skin. Peeling is suitable for all skin types. Pevonia recommends it especially before a series of body treatments.

35 min: €35.00

Detoxification of the body with seaweed

An exceptional therapeutic seaweed wrap, containing the finest French seaweed, detoxifies and remineralizes dry, exhausted skin. Seaweed relieves stress and helps flush out toxins. After care, the skin is youthful, renewed and moisturized. It is also an excellent choice for starting an anti-cellulite program.

35 min: €40.00

Body peeling with salt foam and Retinol 

A body scrub with tropical fruits, French sea salt and carrot seed oil recreates the experience of sea water when applied to your skin. Finally, when you're enveloped in a balm with a high concentration of RETINOL, scented with vanilla and tempting tropical fruits, your skin will be deeply nourished and rejuvenated, revealing a stunning youthful appearance.

40 min: €45.00

Anti-pain wrap with self-heating mud + back massage

Wrap yourself in the natural richness of red algae and golden mud from the Arizona desert, enriched with copper, magnesium and zinc. When the nutritional minerals penetrate the skin, you will feel how every part of your body relaxes and how fatigue disappears. A pleasantly warm, soft and bubbly wrap will remove the last traces of stress, followed by a back massage and you will feel reborn.

40 min: €55.00

Complete Roman, dry brushing with wrap + GIFT

Antioxidant body care provides unexpected effects in eliminating the visible signs of aging of the body. It starts with a dry brushing technique and continues with a wrap that significantly reduces fat reserves and improves skin texture (full of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and Longana fruit seed extracts). Your skin is no longer loose and has an even texture.

50 min: €55.00

Therapeutic massage for quick help with marine magnesium

Experience instant relief from tight, sore muscles and inflamed joints. The targeted massage has highly concentrated, pure and natural marine magnesium (obtained from the mineral waters of France). It effectively reduces pain and relieves stress, works quickly to relieve fatigue, cramps and muscle inflammation, while nourishing the body with remineralization and beneficial effects. Ideal for arthritis, muscle tension and after sports activity.

60 min: €60.00

Quick soothing body care

We all know that excessive exposure to the sun is harmful to the skin. The body wrap provides an immediate cooling and soothing effect. Lily hydrolat, green tea, chamomile and amino acids soothe and relax. Feel how your skin is soothed, cooler and looks better.

40 min: €50.00