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"Mirta" Spa massage  
A body wrap provides the skin with minerals, vitamins and proteins, thus reinforcing its structure and firmness and protecting it from ageing. Then special massage techniques with myrtle (“Myrtus communis”) oil will gently relax and detoxify your body.

  • 60 min: 58 EUR

Thermo-aroma massage 
Combining the relaxing techniques of exfoliation, thermo wrap with essential oils and  aromatherapy massage, we will restore your energy and thorougly relax you.

  • 60 min: 55 EUR
  • 90 min: 68 EUR

Anticellulite tratment with coffee 
The treatment starts with a coffee peeling that helps reduce fat cells and continues with a regenerating coffee-scented gel mask. It's ideal as part of a slimming programme, to reduce fat cells and as an anticellulite treatment. It has a strong antioxidative effect, which helps protect cells from ageing. The treatment is finished with a massage with coffee cream which leaves the skin supple and soft and also improves its elasticity.

  • 90 min: 85 EUR

Detox Mirta massage  
At first brine is used to massage, then juniper oil and a special massage technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and the detoxification of the body. 

  • 40 min: 42 EUR

Luxurious treatment "Hot chocolate" 
The treatment starts with a peeling with salt and chocolate extract that stimulates circulation, regeneration and the absorption of active ingredients. A pampering chocolate body mask follows. Thanks to its nurturing and hydrating characteristics it can also be used on the face. The treatment is finished with a massage with natural chocolate oil to definitely pamper your senses. After the treatment the skin is soft, supple and hydrated, with a delicate perfume of chocolate.  

  • 120 min: 97 EUR

Massage with chocolate
The chocolate used for the massage is the natural product of cocoa and cocoa butter. Cocoa has many antioxidants that have a beneficial effect on circulation and the general wellbeing, and it also contains endorphin, the happiness hormone. It's a relaxing massage which hydrates and softens the skin, protecting it from ageing. After the massage the skin will have a delicious chocolate aroma. 

  • 40 min: 43 EUR

Vichy massage with chromotherapy
The massage is done on a special table with chromotherapy and numerous water jets, which relax the body and muscles. The therapist uses aromatic oil to massage the body, release tense muscles and bring you into a state of complete relax. 

  • 20 min: 29 EUR
  • 40 min: 44 EUR

Vichy peeling and whole body massage
The massage is done on a special table with chromotherapy, steam bath and numerous water jets. During the pleasant steam bath a soft peeling is done to remove dead skin cells. After that you can enjoy the relaxing steam bath with chromotherapy while the therapist washes you and concludes the treatment with a Vichy massage.

  • 60 min: 68 EUR