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Wellness Benedicta

Visit this Istrian wellness oasis to discover the feeling of inner perfection and satisfaction

Put together clean, rich sea air, sunshine, beneficial salt and mud, and healthful Istrian herbs, and you get the perfect conditions for relaxation, regeneration, and an escape into your inner world. Welcome to the Wellness Benedicta, where we will help you to discover the philosophy of Benedicta monks, which leads to the feeling of inner perfection and satisfaction.

Relax in the capable hands of our experts, and let yourself be pampered with traditional treatments enhanced with local ingredients, such as sea salt, mud from the salt pans, brine, olive oil, lavender, and other Istrian herbs.

While you are relaxing or enjoying a beauty treatment, you will never be far from the stories of Istria and enchanting views of the endless blue sea.

The world of saunas

Discover our world of saunas and get warm in a herbal, infrared, or Finnish sauna, or in a steam bath, then cool off in the pleasant cold pool and enjoy all the advantages of a Kneipp treatment. You can also visit our salt room and take advantage of the beneficial effects of salt, or relax in the only hammam in the Slovenian Istria.

Find out more about the world of saunas at the Benedicta Wellness Centre.

Finnish sauna with the most beautiful view of the sea

The traditional Finnish sauna is the most common, and one of the first types of sauna to be developed over a thousand years ago. Finnish saunas work by heating the air in an enclosed insulated space, which is usually made of wood. Because the climate is dry, sweating heavily in the sauna does not lead to physical problems, but it can cause you to lose fluids and minerals. To replace them, it is recommended to drink water, tea, or other refreshing beverages after leaving the sauna. During your sauna session, you can take a 15 minute break to admire the unparalleled views of the Slovenian sea.

Istrian hammam

The world of saunas in the Wellness Benedicta boasts the only hammam on the Slovenian coast. Visit our Istrian hammam and enjoy this popular body cleansing ritual with an Istrian twist. After applying a salt scrub and natural soap with lavender and rosemary essential oils, your body is rinsed with hot and cold water, followed by a natural wrap that suits the particular needs of your skin.

Salt room

The Wellness Benedicta in the Hotel Histrion is situated near the salt pans and surrounded by sea, so it would be a shame not to experience the beneficial effects of salt in our salt room during your stay. The salt treatment has a positive effect on the respiratory system and prevents respiratory diseases. The room is furnished with comfortable wooden recliners, while the floor and walls are covered in salt from the Slovenian coast. For adult users, it is recommended to spend at least one hour breathing in the aerosols emitted from the salt to make the most of their healing effects.

Round massage rooms

For massage enthusiasts, we offer 6 massage rooms. The rooms are round, resonating with the infinite universe and life force, and creating an intimate atmosphere where our massage experts provide therapeutic relaxation and energy massages.

Find out more about massage therapies at the Benedicta Wellness Centre.

Foot care, hand care, and facial care with the most beautiful views of the sea

Even during foot care, hand care, and facial care, you can still enjoy views of the endless blue sea. After your beauty treatment, make sure you stop at our rest lounge to relax and enjoy the view some more.

Find out more about body care at the Benedicta Wellness Centre.

Location & contact

Hotel Histrion
Obala 2
6320 Portoroz

Wellness Benedicta
T: (05) 695 89 01 
E: wellness.benedicta@sava.si

Opening hours: 
Wellness Benedicta: open every day from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Indoor Swimming pool - Sea water park Termaris is open every day from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for business partners or your loved ones? A gift to pamper them in a relaxing environment and give them a few moments for themselves? In order to find an appropriate gift certificate for you, we have prepared certificates which may include any of our services or any amount of money you want to be given to allow the recipient to choose freely among the services and cosmetic products for facial and body care.  

You don’t have time to come and visit us? You can call us at +386 5 695 8901 or write an e- mail to wellness.benedicta@h-bernardin.si and tell us your preferences and data. After that, we will send you the gift certificate by mail (pay on delivery).