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Body treatments - Wellness Laguna

Price list

Peeling and sauna

After a short heating seassion in the "roman" steam bath, the skin is ready and open for the deep-cleansing effect of the natural saltpan salt.

  • 30 min: 27 EUR

Peeling with cream and honey

The peeling removes dead skin cells and restores the skin's shine and freshness. The treatment is ideal before further body care.

  • 30 min: 27 EUR

Mud wrap (partial/medium/large)

The coatings are suitable for rheumatism and skin conditions, since the saltpan mud enhances the detoxification and strengthnes the body natural immunity system.

  • 20 min: 17 EUR
  • 40 min: 33 EUR
  • 60 min: 43 EUR

Body-wrapping against cellulite

After vigorously applying cinnamon or ceropia cream to the skin, the body is wrapped to stimulate the detoxifying process through the lymphatic system.

  • 60 min: 46 EUR

Anticellulite massage

A special massage technique is applied to the body parts with cellullite (thighs, stomach, buttocks) to enhance circulation. The application of a specific anticellulite cream stimulates the reduction of fat deposits and makes the skin more elastic.

  • 30 min: 30 EUR
  • 40 min: 40 EUR

Drainage wrap

Promotes excretion of excessive water and toxins from subcutaneous tissues, improves micro-circulation and increases skin tonus. Mask eddects can already be seen after first use.

  • 90 min: 68 EUR

Wine therapy

Relaxing body ritual: the peeling with grape seeds removes dead skin cells and prepares it for the masage with grape oil, which restores the cells and gives a delicate frangrance to the skin. After the treatment the skin is supple and nourished. 

  • 70 min: 57 EUR

Hanakasumi ritual

Hanakasumi is a relaxing and nourishing body ritual from the Japanese beauty tradition. It starts with a delicate but efficient peeling with rice powder and cherry blossoms removes dead skin cells, which is followed by afoot massage and a relaxing body massage with karite butter enriched with oriental essential oils. The rituale pampers your senses and relaxes body and soul.

  • 70 min: 65 EUR

Anti-cellulite seaweed wrap

Seaweed contains many minerals and is thus very effective in body shaping treatments and the reduction of cellulite. It stimulates cell metabolism that provides the body with vitamins and minerals. After the treatment the skin is supple, tonified and elastic. 

  • 40 min: 40 EUR

Prossotherapy-mechanical lymphatic drainage

Pressotherapy enhances lymphatic fluid clearance and detoxifies the body. Pressotherapy enhances lymphatic fluid clearance and detoxifies the body.

  • 40 min: 25 EUR

Body-wrapping with pressotherapy

Aftervigorously applying cinnamon or cercropia cream to the skin, the body is wrapped to stimulate the detoxifying process through the lymphatic system. Pressotherapy additionally stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body 

  • 60 min: 50 EUR

Energizing treatment (peeling+massage)

The treatment invigoratesand restores energy. The ingredients used hydrate the skin, restore its suppleness and tonus. The treatment includes a peeling and a body massage with energizing balm. 

  • 60 min: 50 EUR

Wine ritual (peeling, body mask and massage)

A rejuvenating care for the body. The body peeling with grape seeds removes dead skin and stimulates its antiaging protection. The peel off mask has an invigorating thermo effect and restores the skin's tonus. The treatment is finished with a refreshing massage with grape seed oil. The skin will be soft, supple and tonified.

  • 90 min: 68 EUR

Milk and honey ritual

A luxurious rejuvenating care for an unforgettable experience. Includes a peeling and heavenly perfumed body mask and massage. Refreshing rejuvenating and especially suitable for dry, tired and dehidrated skin. 

  • 90 min: 68 EUR

Anticellulite treatment with electrostimulation (celutron)

The treatment is done with a machine on the stomach and tights and is efficient in the reduction of cellulite. The impulses generated by the machine eontract the muscles, which burn fat and transfom it into energy. The treatment stimulates metabolism and the elimination of toxins from the body.

  • 40 min: 30 EUR

Anticellulite treatment with vacum

Vacum therapy helps fight cellulite. It stimulates microcirculation and the lymphatic system, improves the skin's elasticity and reduces fat cells. The skin is supple and luminous.

  • 30 min: 30 EUR

Oriental ritual

A relaxing experience  rooted in oriental tradition: includes a body scrub with herbs which is followed by a nourishing massage enriched with herbal packs and hot stones.  

  • 90 min: 68 EUR


With your choice of essential oils and various massage techniques the treatment stimulates circulation, the ly,phatic system and metabolism. Essential oils activate the burning of fat and improve the elimination of toxins from the body. The body is revitalized. 

  • 90 min: 68 EUR