Cycling in Slovene Istria - Hoteli Bernardin

Cycling in Slovene Istria

Active break | 19. 03. 2017

Many believe that the Slovene coastline is formed by a single straight line with pleasant swimming spots, and that cycling along the coast will be boring and monotonous. That's far from the truth. Anybody with the desire to explore the surroundings can open up a map of Slovene Istria and discover new horizons. 

A myriad of cycling trails extends all the way from the Karst edge to the national borders of the two neighbouring countries, Croatia and Italy. Bringing together the three nations is the famous and highly popular Trail of Health and Friendship, known also as Parenzana, which starts at Trieste and crosses the entire length of the Slovene coastline and concludes in Poreč in neighbouring Croatia. Parenzana could be dubbed the queen of blazed cycling trails in the Istria region.

Active and recreational cyclists are certain to find their paradise on Earth in the exquisite Slovene Istria. Countless trails and picturesque landscapes, and stops at local inns with authentic home-made Istrian cuisine will undoubtedly make for the most beautiful holiday or excursion. The sights will forever be engraved in your memories, but don't forget to bring along your camera and take that perfect shot. Because of the many ascends and descends, cycling in Slovene Istria is quite diverse and attractive to both beginners as well as serious cyclists, who might spend an additional hour or two to explore every last hidden corner of Slovene Istria.

Because of the favourable climate, cycling in Slovene Istria is possible regardless of the season while individual seasons make for a distinct cycling experience. Those looking to test their strength and endurance can attend the already traditional Istrian Cycling Marathon held at the official conclusion of the cycling season. For years, the cycling marathon has been held on the last weekend in September and attracts cycling enthusiasts from Slovenia as well as neighbouring countries. Cycling enthusiasts, who have been attending the event in increasing numbers, can participate in competitions of various difficulties and distances.