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Sports holidays in Istria

Active break | 07. 05. 2017

Ideal climate, picturesque cycling and hiking trails, diverse outskirts and Mediterranean flora, exquisite culinary offer – come together into a rich mosaic of an active holiday offer. There is simply no place more beautiful in Slovenia than the Riviera, offering countless combinations for a diverse and active holiday. Are you an enthusiastic cyclist? Then you definitely strive for ever new challenges, want to discover new routes, set new goals. The Slovene Riviera will surprise you. It is littered with countless cycling routes, those more and those less challenging, with climbs and descents, with luxurious and picturesque backdrop. Nothing surpasses the beauty of discovering nature and natural sights on two wheels. Open your eyes and be amazed.

The routes across Slovene Istria:

Of course we mustn't forget about the hikers, runners, water sports enthusiasts, walkers, that is every sports and activity aficionado. Personalize your holiday according to your desires. Cyclists can take advantage of accommodations in adapted and cyclist-friendly hotels. These include the Salinera Hotel in Strunjan and the Histrion Hotel in Portorož. Discover the Riviera along the blazed cycling and hiking trails, particularly the famous »Parenzano trail«. 

A seaside vacation is not always about sunbathing lazily at the beach. The beneficial microclimate at the Slovene Riviera offers so much more – in every season, 365 days of the year.


Cycling is a sports and recreational activity suitable for all generations. Cyclists most often ride along roads or mountain trails. Slovenia is known for its cycling achievements and medals won in major competitions. Among the regions in Slovenia, Slovene Istria is a highly popular destination for preparations before major cycling competitions or marathons, particularly due to its favourable climate. Physical preparations can be undertaken regardless of the season, however late autumn and early spring are considered the most suitable. Along the Slovene Riviera, the number of cyclists has been rising steadily for the past few years, and there is a growing demand for cycling vacations. Cycling is popular among recreational athletes, including families with children, senior and young couples and organized groups. Cycling trails are suitably blazed and indicated on cycling maps to facilitate planning.


Experience Slovene Istria through the eyes of a hiker. Discover natural beauties, hidden corners and fantastic Istrian villages in the outskirts. A walk above the famous and highest Strunjan cliff, the descent to Moon bay, the route from Strunjan to Piran – so many versatile trails, some more and others less challenging. Indeed, something for everyone. On routes connecting the coastal towns of Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča, Strunjan in Izola, discover an abundance of natural sights and historic landmarks, such as the salt pans in Sečovlje, the Natural Reserve and Nature Park Strunjan, Formaviva at Seča, remains of the Roman pier in Izola and much more. Discovering these locations will undoubtedly open your mind to new horizons and make you see this beautiful part of the coastline, the pride of locals, the true Istrians, in an entirely new light. 


There is nothing more inspiring than discovering the coast from the sea with a paddle in your hands. In a very short time period, the so-called “SUP” became a very popular water activity. SUP is an abbreviation for Standup Paddleboarding. As a rule, the SUP is paddled while standing, of course once having mastered simply standing on the board. SUP is both a sports and a recreational activity that is simple and accessible to everyone, much like cycling. Many sport centres along the Slovene coast offer SUP courses and SUP renting.


Lovers of deep waters can scuba-dive and explore the Slovene Riviera and its seabed in a diving suit regardless of the season. Worth pointing out are a number of interesting and attractive sights, such as Cape Madona at the Bay of Piran and the remains of a wrecked sports plane, the remains of a Roman pier in Izola, or the still visible remains of a well-known sunken passenger ship Rex somewhere between Izola and Koper. The Slovene Riviera also has a number of diving clubs offering diving certification courses. One is located at the Bernardin Lagoon. This modern and renovated diving centre boasts a PADI 5 Star Diving Center award. You will be taken care of by trained instructors who will introduce you to the underwater world. The diving centre also runs a diving school where you can take a scuba-diving course compliant with the standards of the biggest diving school in the world – PADI.


For those of you who love to play doubles, a tennis session is certainly the perfect choice. Nearby Bernardin Grand Hotel, there are 4 clay courts and 2 hard courts. Prior bookings are possible. If what you desire is an active vacation composed of a combination of swinging a racquet and vigorous running after a tiny yellow ball, visiting Bernardin is the perfect choice.


Want to experience the coast from a different perspective? Unfurl the sails and voyage into new horizons. Bernardin Hotels also offer a combination of hotel accommodations and sailing. This way, you will experience a memorable vacation and sail the sea surrounded by the pleasant Mediterranean climate from every vantage point. You will gain insight and skill. And maybe, you will be reborn as a sailor. The Bernardin Marina offers 6 fully type J24 equipped sailing boats. Rent a sailing boat during your stay or book one in advance.