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Winter holiday on the slovenian coast

Active break | 28. 11. 2017

In winter the beaches on the Slovenian coast are quieter and caressed by the warm sun. During this time of the year the beneficial effects of the sea air are even greater. The minerals ease inflammations by expelling toxins out of the body. The air is full of negatively charged ions and salt particles – iodine, which positively affect the respiratory system, bronchi and lungs.

The coastal towns and the hinterland hide many walking trails. The best known is the Parenzana, The route of health and friendship, which will take you to the saltpans of Sečovlje and Strunjan and many seaside gems all the way to the hinterland, where you’ll find points of natural, cultural and historical importance. 

a walk a day keeps the doctor away

The best three walking trails on the Slovenian coast for an active break: 

The path among olive tree grooves: the marked path takes you from the beach in front of hotel Salinera in Strunjan to the beach in Portorož. During the nature-immersed walk past camping grounds and a short tunnel you’ll forget it’s winter.

The path of the daffodils: the 9 km path takes you in Istria’s hinterland, where you’ll have great views over the bay of Koper. The path starts in the village Rakitovec, passes through the unspoiled nature of the Karst edge and takes you to the Lipnik – Kavčič ridge, where you’ll be able to enjoy great views of the Slovenian coast.

Slavnik: starting in Podgorje you’ll climb up to the top of Slavnik at 1028 m above sea level. You’ll be amazed by the views, with green grassy plains on one side and the blue sea on the other. In the hut at the top you can try the traditional jota, gnocchi or a cup of hot tea. To recharge your batteries try the delicious desserts: homemade pancakes or apple strudel. 

Here you can find the map of other recommended walking trails

Walks can be fun and unforgettable. Don’t forget to bring along a kite, its fluttery dance in the wind always brings a smile to children’s faces. When on the coast, you can also put on a pair of rain boots and take a splashing walk on the beach during low tide, which uncovers a new dimension of the world under the sea: you can find sea shells, crab shells and lovely stones. After a colourful sunset, you can spend a great evening in the warm embrace of your children and stimulate their creativity: together you can make your own memory game with the collected stones or sea shells and keep their grey cells busy. And there is always the animation team of Hoteli Bernardin for some extra fun.

When discovering the historical treasures during a walk in Piran’s stone paved streets, you can download the free app Nexto, which will take you through the town with the help of enhanced reality. The app has six challenges with which you’ll discover the most important points of interest in Piran. When you complete the challenges successfully, there’s a small reward waiting for you at the Tourist information office in Piran.

For those who wish to be extra active there is also a free outdoor fitness. You can find it at the end of Camp Lucija or along the Parenzana trail in Izola. In Hoteli Bernardin you can also find an indoor fitness if the outdoor option isn’t enough. 

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If you’re up for a dip in the sea also in winter, you can take a swim in the largest swimming pool complex with heated sea water on the Slovenian coast – the Sea water park Termaris.

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