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Istria – a romantic oasis for two

Active break | 28. 11. 2017

The alarm goes off, hit snooze, go to work, come home, cook, tidy up, go to bed, the alarm goes off, hit snooze, … what about us?

Don’t let your days become a sad routine and your daily tasks put your life aside. Turn of your phones and the TV and take some pampering time for yourselves. The first sunny summer days are already here, take a break for two in the Slovenian Istria.

Where to go on a trip for two?

The Slovenian coast has more to offer than just the sun and the sea. Istria awaits, with amazing points of interest tucked away in its hinterland. Take a walk on the paths in nature and explore the attractions of the coastal towns to recharge your batteries and rekindle the spark! 

Discover romantic places and create unforgettable memories. For a care free trip check the map of Slovenian Istria and the events’ programme, so you’ll know exactly where you’re going.

Don’t forget: the best 5 paths in Istria… for the perfect romantic getaway!

The path in the valley of the river Dragonja is ideal for two: along natural and gravel paths you can explore the remains of dwellings, wells and mills, you can bathe in the river and under waterfalls. As you explore the romantic valley you can feel in the air the aroma of seasonal herbs, which you can also pick and take home, so you’ll remember your adventure.

The path to the castle of Socerb will award you with great views of the gulf of Trieste. In the eastern side of the castle you’ll find the defence wall, whereas on all other sides are sheer rock cliffs. Close to the castle you’ll also find the only subterranean church in Slovenia, located in the Holy cave.

The path of the heritage of Hrastovlje will take you back in time to the beginnings of the previous millennium. The path is well-marked, takes you through forests and has great views of Koper and  Istria. Along the path you’ll be able to see the church of St. Martin, precipitous rock walls and a defence tower, frescos and Glagolitic scripts from the 15thcentury in the church of St. Stephen and the world famous cultural heritage “Danse macabre” in the Holy Trinity church, dating to the 12th century.

The path of the marvellous views of Istria will take you to the village of Kubed, where the Karst and the flysch worlds meet. Along the way you’ll be able to see the bell tower with five corners, the parish church of St. Florian and, as you reach the Kuk – Lačna ridge, breath-taking views of the Karst edge and Istria’s hinterland.

The route of health and friendship Parenzana will take you amongst vineyards short tunnels and lively nature from Dekani through Koper and Izola to Portorož. Along the way there are many places to rest and an outdoor fitness. 

A spring vacation for two

For those who wish to spend their summer vacation in a more active way, the Slovenian Istria offersnumerous cycling trails. In early summer when the sun is not so strong, take your bicycles and go explore the more distant romantic places.

For a perfect summer holiday experience finish your day with dinner in one of the restaurants, where you can choose among many local Istrian specialties. Enjoy your time together, you two and a culinary romance that will pamper your taste buds. 

Some suggestions for traditional Istrian gastronomy can be found here

Before you go to sleep enriched by the day’s memories, take a swim in the sea water swimming pool or visit our wellness centres for some pampering. All this... with just astep to the sea.