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Bio-energetic park on the Slovenian coast

Active break | 01. 03. 2018

Wake up! Regenerate your energy and vitality.  

To live a good and healthy life means that we are balanced, in harmony with nature, health and a healthy lifestyle. An oasis in nature, a healthy diet and a green environment will restore your energy and vitality. It is our personal responsibility to take care of ourselves and take a break to regenerate our body.

Hotel Salinerais embraced by the natural surroundings of the Natural park Strunjan; located right next to the timeless saltpans it is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. Visit the bioenergetic park next to hotel Salinera and restore your inner balance and vital energy. The bioenergetic park is located in a natural park amongst pine trees, Mediterranean vegetation and with just a step to the sea, so you can feel the sea breeze in the air.

The bioenergetic park Salinera has 12 energetic points, which improve the psychological and physical well-being. Take a stroll, meditate or just sit down in the park to awaken the body, clear your mind and embrace the feeling of gratefulness and positive thoughts.

What is the meaning of the word ''salinera''?

The word probably derives from the German word for saltpans, “Saline”, as in the past most guests were from German speaking countries. One of hotel Salinera’s logos was a female saltworker with a hat, gathering salt in a pyramidal heap.  With this image foreign guests were acquainted with the identity of Strunjan.

Alternative healers and researchers discovered the bioenergetic points which are now marked in the bioenergetic park. According to Vatican archives, more than a thousand years ago a Benedictine monastery stood where we now see Salinera resort: the order of Saint Benedict was known for its healing practices. Nowadays Salinera resort has the Wellness center Syra, which is a centre of health, relax and vitality. To regenerate your body and strengthen the immune system you can detox in the sauna park with various saunas and a steam bath, or book one of our body care programmes, facial treatments and other beauty packages. 

List of energetic points in the bioenergetic park.

Recommendations for using the bioenergetic park:

When visiting the park you should stop at the bioenergetic point which fits your health issues and stay for 1 to 2 minutes. The longest stay time, which is indicated at each point, can be used only for a body part or an emotion where there’s not enough energy or there’s already an existent health issue. With this kind of procedure you can restore the energetic balance of the body and the energetic fields (auras) around it.

At the energetic points you can meditate, use mudras or say affirmations in order to connect the energies through your chakras. The mudra or affirmation should correspond to the colour and the chakra number as shown on the info board in the bioenergetic park. Visiting the park has beneficial effects on the general well-being, however it cannot cure a disease.

When meditating we can say positive affirmations and place our hands in meditation posture.


The power of overflowing compassion helps me connect with all living creatures.

I open my heart to giving and receiving love.

I love myself the way I am.


The natural benefits of the peninsula of Strunjan, especially the seaside climate and the calm location protected from the wind, make it the perfect destination for a meditation getaway in touch with nature.

Choose your dates and have a weekend off for yourself. Visit the bioenergetic park in Strunjan, an oasis of peace and quiet.