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Trips on the Slovenian coast

Active break | 11. 06. 2018

During our childhood, some of us found out that daily trips to the Slovenian coast or Primorska are a special experience. Discovering ancient sights, natural wonders and the specific characteristics of the coastal landscape is always an interesting experience, which is worth sharing with our children. If you are out of ideas where you could take your family, friends or visitors from abroad, we prepared a short guide for trips in the coastal region.

Ideas for daily trips on the Slovenian coast

The Slovenian coast is a very popular destination for many different trips: it offers easy walking paths, more challenging mountain paths, cycling and trekking paths, excursions of historical and cultural sights or natural wonders and much more.

For fans of mountaineering, climbing and hiking

The Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail will take you to the top of Slavnik, the highest point in the municipality of Koper. All mountaineering enthusiasts will be able to reach the top at 1028 m. Those less fit can visit the castle of Socerb from the 13thcentury, which is a popular destination with a beautiful view over the bays of Koper and Trieste.

Nearby you can also visit the famous karst Socerb cave. In it you will find the only subterranean church in Slovenia. The entrance to the cave is in a charming pine forest, just a few steps from the castle.

One of the oldest Slovenian villages is the village Osp, with the imposing horseshoe shaped rock wall rising behind it.  The majestic wall is one of the most important climbing areas in Europe.

For those who love art, culture and natural wonders...

In Hrastovlje village the Holy Trinity church from the 13th century will impress anyone interested in medieval iconography. When visiting the church you can admire the fresco depicting one of the rarest and most impressive motives found in Europe, the dance macabre, which is considered the most preserved religious work of art of its kind in the world.

Natural and cultural sights await also in the valley of the river Dragonja, which is a clean, pristine river that runs in its natural riverbed. Here you can find ancient abandoned mills, old Istrian houses, deep ravines, waterfalls, wells and a rich flora and fauna.

In the valley of Hrastovlje, where the Istrian and Karstic worlds meet, runs the river Rižana. The river is still the main water source in the coastal region. This destination is very popular with hikers and mountain bikers as it has numerous trails.

The largest brackish marsh in this area is the Škocjanski zatok nature reserve. The project is of great ecological importance, as you can find unique traits in terms of landscape, flora and fauna. More than 200 bird species have been documented in the reserve, including some endangered species.

For those who love the sea and enjoy boat rides

If you enjoy the sound of the sea and the rocking waves, a great idea to spend a day is a boat trip.  You can see the Slovenian coast from the sea on a tourist or fishing boat, or travel to Poreč or Rovinj, passing Lim bay. Try the traditional Fish picnic on board, where you can enjoy genuine culinary delights.

For those who love walking and hiking

The Slovenian coast offers a plethora of walking trails where you can enjoy yourselves with your family or your beloved one.

You can head to Izola, where you will find a well-tended and quiet walking path by the sea. During winter it will feel like it is spring, while you enjoy the sunrays, the sea breeze and salty aroma in the embrace of the pleasant Mediterranean climate. The small and neat marina is also worth a visit. You’ll be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the town and along the way there’s also a playground for children where you can take a break. 

The second option is the walking path from Portorož to Piran, which is great for all sea lovers. The path is quiet, tucked away from noisy traffic: the sound of the waves will keep you company as you walk along the seaside.

You can also take a walk from Koper to Fiesa. When you reach the top of the hill overlooking the bay a splendid view awaits.

The Natural reserve of Sečovlje saltpans is a popular destination where you can take a walk and admire many different bird species, visit the museum of salt making and a saltpan worker’s house to find out more about the traditional craft of salt making.

In Ankaran you can find the well-known “seashells cemetery”, which is worth visiting. The area between Ankaran and the port of Koper is rich with many types of seashells, which is a peculiar characteristic of our beautiful Slovenian coast.

The symbol of friendship is the Path of health and friendship, which takes you along the old railway line of Parenzana all the way from Poreč to Trieste. It passes through old villages and coastal towns, among hills, vineyards and typical olive tree grooves.

A day trip is an easy way to recharge your batteries, clear your mind and relax your body. You can go on a trip during your vacation, or just take advantage of a free weekend or a day off work.