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Summer activities in the idyllic nature of the Slovenian coast

Active break | 19. 06. 2018

Those who love nature and enjoy spending their free time in an active way have one thing in common - a constant desire for new experiences, which keeps them searching for new ideas on how to spend their free time, away from daily worries and cares. Hoteli Bernardin are located in an idyllic Mediterranean location, where you can do a lot more than just relax: there’s a wide variety of outdoor activities where you will surely find the perfect one for you.

Which one will you choose?

Walks in nature

We’re sure that a relaxing, pleasant walk is part of any vacation. During a relaxed or more active walk we can unwind and forget the daily worries for a while, exercise our body and at the same time enrich our soul. It is scientifically proven that walking has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, thus it is considered one of the healthiest and simplest forms of recreation, which can be done by anyone.

With just a step to the sea, in a natural haven between Izola and Piran, you can find the bioenergetic Salinera Resort, where you can stay in a hotel or in apartments. If you love a quiet location immersed in nature, there are idyllic walking paths:

  • walking path in the saltpans of Strunjan, which are the northernmost and smallest saltpans in the Mediterranean and are over 700 years old. The saltpans of Strunjan are considered a unique landscape between the sea and dry land: they are protected as a natural and cultural monument and are part of the Nature park Strunjan.
  • Circular path in Nature park Strunjan: an excellent choice for a walk or short trek, it’s equipped with informative panels where you can learn more about the park and its history.
  • The path along the old route of the narrow gauge railway Porečanka is also worth visiting. It will take you to Portorož along the railway route which used to connect Poreč and Trieste between 1902 and 1935 and was one of the longest narrow gauge railways in Europe. Today its route is a modern recreational path that bears the name “The route of health and friendship”.
  • You can also take a walk by the sea, through vineyards and olive tree grooves, through ancient towns and villages… you will find many options on the coast.

Depending on your physical fitness, there are walking paths of various lengths and difficulties:

·        walking path of Strunjan - 3,5 km,

·        walking path of Piran - 3 km,

·        circular walking path around Portorož - 5 km,

·        walking path of Lucija - 4 km,

·        coast walking path of - 13 km,

·        walking path of Seča - 4 km,

·        walking path of three countries - 5 km,

·        walking path of among olive trees - 4 km,

·        connecting walking path “Between bays”, which connects Fiesa and Portorož - 2 km and

·        walking path through the tunnel of the old narrow gauge railway Trieste - Poreč - 3,5 km.


Those who enjoy daily trips or like to wander for a few days will find many options on the Slovenian coast:

  • the Karst has always been the land of prosciutto and teran, so foodies will undoubtedly enjoy visiting an authentic Karst prosciutto drying facility.
  • The touristic town of Izola is a small Mediterranean town with a rich architectural heritage. For those in search of culinary delights, Izola offers excellent restaurants where you can taste local delicacies and feel the heartbeat of the lively old fishing town. Enjoy the colourful houses, narrow streets, lovely marina and the charming walking path by the sea.
  • A visit to the archaeological park in San Simon is also a great idea for a trip.
  • Besides Izola and Strunjan other coastal towns like Koper, Portorož and Piran also offer numerous cultural sights, natural wonders and many events.
  • A short drive towards central Slovenia takes you to Postojna cave and Škocjan caves, among the most beautiful caves in the world.

If you need more ideas for trips, we will be glad to assist you also in our hotels.

Activities for sports enthusiasts

Thanks to the many walking paths, cycling trails and trekking trails, the Slovenian coast is great for sports activities. If you are out of ideas about which activity to choose while you are on vacation with your family, partner or friends, we prepared a few suggestions:

Nordic walking

In the past, Nordic walking was mainly a good summer training for cross-country skiers, but in the last years it has become a fun and very popular activity for all ages and various sports enthusiasts also in Slovenia. Nordic walking is considered one of the most effective, safe and easy physical exercises, as it is suitable for all ages. It can be practiced during the entire year in all weather conditions. You can choose any terrain of your liking and you don’t need any special equipment except a pair of light walking poles and the appropriate footwear. Of course some technical knowledge is needed, in order to practice Nordic walking in the correct way. With a teacher of Nordic walking you will quickly learn the correct technique and how to use the poles, thus avoiding possible injuries caused by a wrong technique. The correct technique relieves ankles, knees and hips and as a consequence also the spine.


The word “trekking” comes from the languages of South Africa and literally translated means “a long journey on foot”. Trekking requires physical fitness as a “journey” can last a few days or weeks. Trekking is a form of mountaineering that has lately become a very popular way of travelling for the most active travellers. The Slovenian coast offers many interesting, well-tended, safe and less strenuous walking paths, which will inspire your with Istria’s natural landscapes, cultural sights… and take your through Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča and Strunjan.


Cycling is undoubtedly among the most popular sports and it is suitable for the whole family. Cycling enthusiast can enjoy an active vacation where you can spend you free time in a healthy and active way, visiting the sights of the Slovenian coast on your bicycle. The numerous cycling trails will take you through pristine nature where you’ll be able to enjoy new adventures. One of the most popular cycling trails is the The route of health and friendship” which will take your back in time when a train used to puff on the narrow gauge railway line.

In Bernardin resort you will find cyclist-friendly hotels, where you can also rent bicycles:

  • hotel Histrion in Portorož,
  • hotel Salinera in Strunjanu and
  • San Simon resort in Izola.

Horse riding

Love for nature and animals is expressed at its best in horseback riding. The Slovenian coast has many trails where you can go horse riding. Learning how to ride a horse is one of the loveliest experiences for children and adults alike. Maybe you’ll find your chance during your vacation on the Slovenian coast: only four kilometres from Izola or Portorož you will find the Farm Medljan, which is the best place to go horse riding in Istria’s hinterland. The horse-riding club was founded in 1996 and today it has approximately 40 active members. In the club you can learn how to ride, take courses and exams and you can choose between different horses: they have nine Lipizzaner horses, four Arabianhorses, Slovenian and Check warmblood horses and some hybrids). Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Try some water activities

Having fun in the water is a must in any sea-side vacation. Visit the Sea water park Termaris, the largest swimming pool complex with heated seawater on the Slovenian coast! The Acquapark is part of St. Bernardin resort and it offers more than 1.000 m² of water surfaces for many fun water activities. Close by you will also find the sea with well-tended beaches, restaurants, bars and sports courts.

You can also take advantage of your time by the sea to try other water activities and sports: there’s something for every taste and for the right dose of adrenaline!


SUP is a fun and relaxing activity on a large and very stable SUP board, where a paddle is used to move through the water. During the last years stand up paddle boarding has become the fastest rising water sport. You can do it on rivers, lakes or in the sea, on flat water or waves – there are actually no limitations. SUP is fairly easy and thus suitable for all age groups. You can also bring a child with you, placing him/her on the front of the board. The important part is that the child should stay calm to avoid falling in the water. The child should wear a life vest and both of you should always use a leash, which is attached to the leg on one end and to the board on the other. This way your child will be safe even if she/he falls in the water.

Rowing and boating

Great fun for the whole family is also a boat trip, whether on a large speedboat or a smaller dinghy. You can also have fun with various rowboats, inflatable rafts, old wooden boats, kayaks, canoes and even pedal boats. Sailing on the sea or calm water is fairly easy and can be a lot of fun or turn into a day trip. You need more energy for rowing, but if you choose a motor boat you can use that energy for swimming and jumping in the water.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a true adventure and is considered an adventurous sport. Discovering the underwater world is an experience that leaves no one indifferent. Safety is a crucial part in any activity and scuba diving requires some basic knowledge, the appropriate gear and following the instructions of diving instructors. Those who are interested and would like to discover the underwater world can do this in the renowned diving centre Divestrong in Bernardin. They provide diving gear, education, diving courses for beginners, diving courses for instructors and much more.

Take a break from the daily chores and do something for yourself

In our fast way of life we often forget that our body and soul need a break. Stress, too much work and fatigue are the factors that in the long term leave negative consequences on our health. If we want to cope with the expectations of modern times, we also need to take the time to rest and relax. In Bernardin resort you will find modern wellness centres where you’ll be able to relax, unwind and restore your energy. We kindly invite you to visit us for a good dose of relaxing programmes and beauty treatments that will restore your health and general wellbeing. The quality of your life is in your hands, whereas the hands of our professional therapists await with numerous therapeutic, relaxing and pampering programmes. Try our saunas and steam rooms, have a massage. Come and pamper yourselves in the mild climate of a charming Mediterranean environment, where you can relax during the whole year.

Life is a mosaic made from learning, work, obligations and our free time, which includes various activities and hobbies. How will you build your mosaic? In Hoteli Bernardin, situated in an idyllic sea-side environment, you can make unforgettable experiences during the whole year… experiences that will turn into wonderful memories and enrich your mosaic. There are numerous options for the perfect relaxing vacation, whether you are an outdoor lover, a young adventurer, a family or a senior. There are many recreational and relaxing activities for all tastes and interests, come visit us!