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Activities and fun for children in Portorož

Active break | 25. 10. 2018

Hoteli Bernardin in Portorož offer a rich animation programme for children during all school and national holidays. Nowadays we spend more and more time sitting in front of TV or computer screens, and also children and teenagers are not active enough during their free time. A playful, active and energetic vacation in Portorož can be an excellent way to leave those school desks and screens for a while!

During winter, summer, Labour Day and autumn holidays Hoteli Bernardin offer a complete animation programme, whereas during Christmas and New Year’s holidays the programme is more festive and themed with creative workshops. All animation activities are suitable for children and adults.

Rich animation programme throughout the whole year – 1.001 activity

The animation team of Hoteli Bernardin in Portorož has a rich animation programme during the whole year. The steady programme includes the following activities:

  • aqua gym,
  • cycling,
  • walking,
  • night walk with torches,
  • nordic walking,
  • reasure hunt,
  • pilates and
  • yoga. 

Of course Portorož offers many water activities that you can try: sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, SUP, water skiing and many more.

If you prefer to spend your free time in a more relaxed way, you can take a walk along the promenade from Bernardin to Portorož or Piran. The path is ideal for a pleasant stroll during the whole year and in any weather. It is tucked away from the busy main road and is thus great for peaceful walks with your children.

Sea water park Termaris for unforgettable water fun

Sea water park Termaris is part of the St. Bernardin hotel complex in Portorož and is definitely an ideal place where children can spend their free time in an active way.

The complex has more than 1,000 m² of water surface and is thus the largest swimming pool complex with heated seawater on the Slovenian coast. One part of the acquapark is meant for guests who prefer a quiet and calm ambiance to relax. In this part you can find a swimming pool with massage waterfalls, a round recreational pool with massage beds and massage jets and five whirlpools.

The second part is designed on more levels with dynamic water effects for fun water activities. Children can enjoy two swimming pools with slides, jets and geysers. Above the pools for children you can find two larger pools: a swimming pool with resting bays and an oval two-level pool with whirls, geysers and jets.

Birthdays, parties or other special events

Sea water park Termaris in Portorož also offers the possibility to organise a birthday party for you children (of the age of 5 or older). Birthday parties are themed and you can choose among:


Pirate adventures star with a hidden treasure hunt. In the swimming pool’s bar the children are given a letter from pirate Miha, who informs them that there’s a hidden treasure (cake) in the pool. As they look for the treasure, the children carry out various tasks that help them find the pirate and the hidden treasure. At the end of the celebrations, the children learn to draw tattoos.


The birthday celebrations start in the swimming pool’s bar, where the animators meet the children and explain the rules of the games. Children then play and compete in various activities and games: they throw and pass balloons, play water basketball and water volleyball, race on the water slide and play “Guess who I am”. After the snacks they create a commemorative album for the birthday boy/girl and learn how to draw tattoos.


The entire birthday celebration is in a Hawaiian theme, including the decorations. The celebrations start in the bar, where the children make Hawaiian skirts, bracelets and decorations and then the main party is in the swimming pool. The party is accompanied by Hawaiian music and food.

The birthday parties last 4 hours, the price includes the animation and organisation of the party, smaller snacks, beverages and a CD with the photographs for the birthday boy/girl.

There’s really no shortage of fun and activities for children in Portorož – the cheerful animators and playful water games make a vacation in Hoteli Bernardin great for the whole family.