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Windsurfing and stand up paddling on the Slovenian coast

Active break | 29. 10. 2018

Autumn winds and sunny days on the Slovenian coast attract many water sports lovers. You can try windsurfing or stand up paddling (SUP) if you are less of an adrenaline fan. Take advantage of the last beautiful days on the Slovenian coast so you can say goodbye to summer with more ease and come home pleasantly tired after an active day on the water.

Try an exciting windsurfing experience!

Windsurfing is a sport, which is practised on the water surface and combines elements of surfing and sailing. The board used for windsurfing is like a special, minimalistic version of a sailboat and it allows us to experience so much more than any classic sailboat. Windsurfers easily perform difficult and extremely fun elements and manoeuvres such as jumps, front-side and backside loops, rotations and many other freestyle tricks. If compared to classic surfing i.e. wave surfing, where the surfer fights against the forces of nature, in windsurfing the forces of nature are used to our own advantage. Windsurfing is also a little less strenuous and is easier to learn than surfing.

Windsurfing is a relatively young sport, which originated in the USA but its popularity grew very quickly and took the world by storm. At the beginning of the eighties every third family in Europe had its own windsurf and Slovenians also joined the windsurfing craze: two national companies (Veplas in Velenje and Imgrad in Ljutomer) began producing windsurfing boards. With the development of windsurfing equipment the sport became much more than a recreational sport. Nowadays many experienced windsurfers like to say that windsurfing is no longer just a sport, but a way of life that totally gets under your skin.

Bernardin resort is the perfect destination for all water sports lovers

Gradually theSlovenian coast is witnessing the creation of solid foundations, on which Slovenian windsurfing can start growing and developing itself in the forthcoming years. In fact, this sport cannot be compared to any other sport, be it conventional or urban. In windsurfing the connection with nature is at its best, thus this sport has remained very genuine despite the sophisticated and modern equipment. Windsurfing activates the whole body, requires a fair amount of physical strength and good body control, all of which is combined with learning how to use the natural elements to our favour.

Windsurfing on the Slovenian coast is a great experience for which you will eagerly find some free time. Spend the last beautiful autumn weekends on the Slovenian coast in contact with pristine nature and take part in one of the windsurfing or SUP schools, which organise group courses or private courses as well!

Windsurfing equipment

The basic windsurfing equipment consists of: a board, a mast, a boom, an alloy enhancement and a baseplate. If you want to windsurf in early spring and late autumn, your will also need a harness and a wetsuit. 

For a start you can also rent the whole equipment, before the sport wins you over completely and you will buy your own.

There’s no need to go abroad, you can tackle winds and waves also on the Slovenian coast!

When talking about windsurfing it may seem that it is not a sport that can be done in Slovenia, but it is definitely not so. Koper is a very popular destination for windsurfers as it offers different conditions for all levels!

Beginners can try windsurfing in the safe bay on a calm sea, whereas more experienced windsurfers can venture outside the bay for some decent sized waves. There are also various group or individual courses where experienced windsurfing teachers await, eager to share their experience and knowledge with you.

Stand up paddling is ideal for those who prefer sport activities on calm water

In the last years stand up paddling (SUP) has become a true hit amongst water activities enthusiasts. In stand up paddling a paddle is used to move the board on the water’s surface and it is mostly done on calm waters. Some say it feels like walking on water. The key ability in this sport is having a good balance. Each individual can choose how fast to move on the water’s surface and the speed also depends on the type of water you are stand up paddling on.

Stand up paddling might look very easy, but in truth this sport is an excellent recreation for the whole body, as all muscles are working while you do it. Stand up paddling is great for families, as you can take your kids or even your dog with you! You need some practice at first to keep your balance, but once you do, you’ll find that stand up paddling is incredibly fun!

All the necessary equipment for stand up paddling can also be rented on the Slovenian coast, which is a great way to find which kind of board suits you best before you buy your own.