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Sailing on the Slovenian coast

Active break | 29. 06. 2020

Sailing is a sport with a long lasting tradition on the Slovenian coast, as we have favourable winds all year round. The least favourable wind is during the summer, when the weak mistral blows. It is usually a pleasant wind and in the gulf of Trieste it reaches speeds from two to three on the Beaufort scale. From autumn until the end of June there’s a strong bora and windy weather can last up to a whole week. The main season for sailing is from September until mid-November and from April until the end of June. 

During winter the weather is not the most suitable for sailing due to lower temperatures. Of course there isn’t a favourable wind every day, so we must heed the weather forecast before going sailing on the Slovenian coast. The bora is usually the strongest the first day after the weather improves. The best wind for sailing is between force six and seven on the Beaufort scale. If the wind force exceeds force nine on the Beaufort scale, sailing is no longer possible. The force of the wind can change very quickly, so it is important to be cautious when out at sea and not too brave. In case of strong winds rescue by boat is not possible.  

Sailing for beginners – safe sailing on the Slovenian coast

Sailing is not a sport that you can just learn overnight. Experienced sailors can tell many stories on how they often rescue and help individuals who overestimated their sailing expertise, thinking they have mastered it when in fact their knowledge is far from the appropriate. The best way to learn to sail is in a sailing school. Sailing schools teach the theory (the basics of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, meteorology, navigation, sailing techniques, maritime skills, choosing an anchorage point, planning a route,…) and the practical part (manoeuvres and changing direction, sailing techniques with the wind or against the wind). Sailing schools also offer beginner and advanced courses. The practical part is done on the sea, which ensures that everybody really learns how to manoeuvre a sailing boat. 

For those who don’t wish to manoeuvre a sailing boat, many sailing centres also offer the possibility to rent a sailboat with an experienced skipper and organise one-day or multi-day trips according to your wishes. A daily trip along the Slovenian coast is already an incredible experience and allows you to get to know the coastline from a completely different angle. The views of Portorož, Piran, Izola, Koper and Ankaran from the sea are beautiful, as well as a lunch break on a sailboat in the middle of the saltpans of Sečovlje. These trips are a great way to figure out if sailing is a sport that could interest you, so you can then decide whether to take a sailing course or not.

Portorož – a sailor’s dream stop-over on the Slovenian coast

In May 2018 the first Slovenian national sailing centre was opened in Portorož. The sailing centre Portorož is designed especially for sports associations and will allow an impeccable organisation of regattas. It is located at the end of Portorož’s promenade, right by the Bernardin hotel resort. The modern hangars are designed for the storage of sailboats, other boats and sports equipment. The seaside part of the structure has a large platform, which is used for outdoor storage of boats and for the preparation of boats before going out to the sea.

Marina Portorož is the first Slovenian marina and was designed already in 1974. Today it comprises more than 1.000 moorings, all of which are protected from the wind. The marina is located in the eastern part of the bay of Piran, which is sheltered from winds, thus allowing safe navigation during the whole year. Marina Portorož has the first and only island on the Slovenian coast. It was built in the summer of 2017 and it offers many sport activities and fun for all generations.

Every year Portorož hosts the most visited regatta in the Slovenian sea – the Easter regatta. This year it was its 24thedition. More than 500 sailors from the optimist class participated in it. For the first time Portorož was the starting point of the regatta Go to Barcolana from Slovenia. All Slovenian sailors will sail from Portorož to Trieste, where is the official starting point of the Barcolana. 

Do you need another reason to go sailing on the Slovenian coast?

Sailing is one of the most successful sports in Slovenia, as our sailing competitors bring home medals almost from every sailing completion they attend. You can read more about other activities on the Slovenian coast.