Holiday celebrations on the Slovenian coast 2020 - Hoteli Bernardin

Holiday celebrations on the Slovenian coast 2020

Active break | 12. 12. 2018

Finally they're here – the first snow, the first Christmas markets and the festive spirit on every step. Have you already made your plans for this year's New Year's Eve? This year come to the festive Slovenian coast!

The magical holiday spirit on the coast

When one mentions the coast, most of us think about the summer holidays and the hard awaited relax and fun by the sea. However, it is right in these festive weeks when the Slovenian coast shows its hidden magic. This year’s Christmas-New Year’s holidays are going to be really special on the coast! This year we’re inviting you to spend the holidays on the Slovenian coast, where you’ll find the perfect combination of a relaxing break in fresh air, numerous social and cultural events, unforgettable parties and excellent food. Christmas as well as New Year’s Eve on the Slovenian coast will be especially merry and enriched by various events and as always - the fresh sea air.

Let the festive Portorož and Piran enchant you

This year Portorož and Piran have many options for festive evenings in great company. Don’t miss two events organized by Avditorij Portorož, which is traditionally considered one of the best venues on the Slovenian coast where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve. On the 23th December the traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve concert will be performed by the members of the Symphony Orchestra, soloists and the choir of the Opera SNG Maribor, and directed by Simon Krečič. On the 31th December at 8 pm watch the Stand-up comedy with Tadej Toš ˝Toš freestyle comedy show˝. Moreover, there will be festive evenings with dancing and music in Portorož every night from the 21st December in Grand Café in Grand Hotel Bernardin.

In December Portorož will also host the annual Sparkling wine festival. If you wish to start the New Year in an active way, you must not miss the traditional New Year’s jump in the sea. The event has been organised in Portorož every 1stJanuary since 2005 and it is one of a kind. The brave jump in the sea has a beneficial effect on the general wellbeing as it stimulates the circulation and metabolism. Take part in this unique story with other participants from more than twelve countries and celebrate the arrival of the new year in a different, active way!

For those who enjoy a great party, Portorož. Koper and Izola will have numerous New Year’s parties in the clubs and bar on the coast!

Entertainment for Christmas and New Year - Ice Island in Izola

Entertainment festive days with animation for children, theatral shows and musical concerts from 30.11.2019 - 19.1.2020,  in Isola at Pietro Coppo Park and Lonka.

Festive programm 2019/2020 - Park Pietro Coppo at 5.00 p.m

  • 30.11. Festive lights switch-on and opening of the ice-skating rink: Lea Sirk, young vocalists, fairy tale heroes
  • 1.12. A Goat Trial in Višnja Gora (performance for children – Theatre Cizamo)
  • 4.12. DJ Lovro
  • 6.12. Female choir Lilith, Ptuj (concert)
  • 7.12.  Andreja Zupančič (musical enterntainment), Žiga Rustja and band(concert)
  • 8.12. Duo Pingo (musical entertainment)
  • 11.12. DJ Lovro
  • 13.12. Yotr, Ajdovščina (concert)
  • 14.12. Duo Pingo (musical entertainment), OK Junior, Capodistria (concert)
  • 15.12. Andreja Zupančič (musical entertainment)
  • 16.12.-20.12. Naj-Naj with music and dance: children and adult choirs from Izola, young vocalists

  • 21.12-29.12. Screenings of animated films
  • 25.12.  Lady Winter and her helpers (performance for children – Bičikleta)
  • 26.12. Under the umbrella of vacation (performance for children)
  • 27.12. Andreja Zupančič (musical entertainment)
  • 28.12. Charivari (performance for children – Theatre Cizamo)
  • 29.12. Winter Joy (performance for children – Theatre Makarenko)
  • 4.1.  Magician Roman Frelih
  • 5.1. Fairy tale heroes (Vesele rokice)
  • 10.1. Winter is fantastic (performance for children – Kaličopko) / The magician and the talking radio (performance for children – Mali Bu)
  • 12.1. Circus school (performance for children – Zavod Bufeto)
  • 18.1. An icy fairy tale (performance for children (Zavod enostavno prijatelj)     
  • 19.1. Fairy tale heroes (Vesele rokice)

Festive programm 2019/2020 - Lonka (musical entertainment) at 7.00 p.m

  • 25.12. Kompanija Izolana, Trio Lipa
  • 26.12. Lisjaki, Krkuča Konekšn 
  • 27.12. Blue Cheese Band, Fran Get trio 
  • 28.12. Vlado Kreslin, Luigi z bendom

  • 29.12. Magazzino Commerciale, 6 Pence Queen Tribite
  • 30.12. Fairy tale heroes: arrival of Santa Claus, Čuki, Tempera band
  • 31.12. Ne me jugat, Bakan gang
  • 01.01 Primorski fantje, Trio Turn

Holiday celebrations in Koper – events

Koper amazes again with a rich offer of festive events and the city’s holiday lighting, also known as “Fantastic winter in the Wonderland”. Arena Bonifika will host one the biggest Christmas parties – the Christmas concert of Radio Capris. Those who prefer classical music can attend the traditional Christmas-New Year’s concert of the Wind orchestra of Koper, which will be held on Martinčev.

Christmas and New Year holiday program in Koper

  • 01. December at 19.00: One happy December - Concert En big banda. Location: Hall sv. Frančišek Asiški
  • 01. December at 19.30: Music performance: Klapa San Lorenzo. Location: Ukmar's square
  • 02. December at 18.00: Music performance: MePZ Maestral Koper. Location: Ukmar's square
  •  03. December at 19.30:  Music performance: Pihalni orkester Sv. Anton. Location: Ukmar's square
  • 04. December at 07. december, all day:  St. Nicholas market. Location: Carpaccio's square
  • 05. December at 19.30 Concert: Le Fam. Location: Ukmar's square
  • 08. December at 17.00: Concert St. Nicholas. Location: Gračišče
  • 07. december from 07.00 to 19.00 and 21. December from 07.00 to 15.00: Antiques fair. Location: Pristaniška street, Koper
  • 07. December from 15.00 to 20.00 and 21. December from 15.00 to 20.00: Christmas market. Location: Sveti Anton
  • 09. December at 18.00: Music performance: Šavrini in anka Šavrinke. Location: Ukmar's square
  • 10. December at 18.00: Music performance: MePZ Adriatic Hrvatini. Location: Koper
  • 10. December at 19.30: Music performance: Pihalni orkester Marezige. Location: Ukmar's square 
  • 13. December at 20.00: Concert: HELP! A Beatles Tribute. Location: Taverna Koper
  • 14. December from 15.00 to 20.00: Christmas market. Location: Sveti Anton
  • 15. December at 19.30: Music performance: Klapa Capris. Location: Ukmar's square 

Exceptional pampering and comfort

In order to enter the year 2020 in the most comfortable way, we’re inviting you to book your holiday in Hoteli Bernardin. Thus, your holiday celebrations are going to be absolutely perfect, as you’ll relax in complete comfort, with excellent food and breathtaking views. After the ups and downs brought by the year 2019, your body and mind deserve a special break. And it’s exactly what we’ll take care of in Hoteli Bernardin, where we’ll pamper you with:

  1. the nicest indoor swimming pool with heated seawater and panoramic view of the sea
  2. wellness centres with saunas, massages, therapies and special skin care,
  3. body care with healing and relaxing programs.

Enter the New Year in a different way, come the Slovenian coast with your best company. The magic of the seaside climate and the rich offer will ensure you start the New Year completely renewed!