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Scuba diving on the Slovenian coast

Active break | 18. 02. 2019

The Slovenian coast with its 42 kilometres offers many opportunities for scuba diving enthusiasts. Beginners can explore the depths of the sea for the first time with a guided course, whereas experienced divers can tackle one of the numerous challenges that await in this part of Slovenia.

What is worth seeing?

You will certainly hear about theses pearls in the Slovenian sea:

1. Roman road

The Roman road is a great starting point for beginners. The dive begins on the east side of the diving centre in Piran, next to the church. From this point you swim towards the east and continue towards Fiesa as soon as you reach the reef. It is very easy, as you just follow the reef until you reach a steel cross. From here you continue along the coast to retunr to your starting point, the diving centre. During the dive you will see objects made of stone that look like a Roman road and you will also have a chance to spot date shells (protected mussels).

2. Seaplane

During the Second World War, an 11 m long seaplane crashed into the sea. If you visit Portorož, you can visit it under the sea surface, as it is located close by. During this adventure you can admire many marine animals that dwell nearby. In winter Portorož is known for the thriving seabass and mullet population swimming in its sea.

3. Ancient sewerage pipe

Are you going to visit Cape Madona in Piran? Head towards the diving centre and then along the reef towards the cape, where you will find the first pipe. When you reach the second pipe, you’ll see that it is perfect for descending alongside it. Take your time and enjoy the view of the numerous fish species that will accompany you during your descent. Continue towards the reef in the direction of 120 degrees and you will find another pipe. Continue swimming until you reach the reef. At this point start ascending to the lower side of the reef and continue towards a casket in the sand. Your destination is your starting point, the diving centre.

4. The tongue of Piran

This popular diving spot is located on the Western part of Piran’s Punta. Do you know where to find the restaurant Gostilnica Piran? It is the recommended entry point into the sea. From here it is recommended to swim at a depth of 2 metres following the compass in the direction of 210 degrees. Descend slowly until you reach the depth of 11 metres, then turn right and swim along the reef. At a certain point you will see some bulky waste – it is a sign you are going the right way, as the tongue of Piran is close. When you reach the tongue you will be surrounded by many corals and fish, you can also see an octopus. Just a warning for this dive: in this location the currents are quite strong, so it is recommended only for experienced divers.

5. DTM

Another lost artefact waiting for you at the bottom of the Slovenian sea. The DTM (also known as Kec) is a boat, which sank in the sea during the Second World War. It is located in the region Piran-Strunjan and provides a unique experience as it can be thoroughly explored. Inside the shipwreck you will find many fish, among which sea breams, merlings and congers, and it is also possible to spot lobsters. The shipwreck can be reached only by boat, so make sure to organise the trip well ahead. We recommend caution during this dive as there are numerous nets inside the shipwreck and you could easily get entangled in one of them.