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Everything you need to know about fishing on the Slovenian coast

Active break | 18. 02. 2019

Slovenia has about 40 kilometres of coastline, one the shortest in Europe. Nonetheless, there are numerous opportunities for a good catch, as tasty fish here are plentiful: mackerel, cuttlefish, squid, sea bream,… Going fishing is not as simple as it sounds, as you need specific permits. Check the useful information about licences, fishing techniques and of course suggestions about some of the most popular destinations amongst Slovenian fishermen.

The right licence is required for recreational and sport fishing

Under Slovenian law, you have to obtain the right licence before going fishing in the Slovenian sea:

Annual licence (sport fishing)

An annual licence is necessary for sport fishing. It can be obtained by becoming a member of one of the fishing societies, which are members of the Slovene sport fishing at sea association. You can apply for the licence in a fishing society.

Weekly or daily licence (recreational fishing)

This licence allows you to fish for a day or a week and is valid for recreational fishing. It is very easy to obtain as you can get it online. It becomes valid approximately in an hour after its emission and you don’t need to print it – just save the code you receive on your mobile phone.

For fishing from the coast you don’t need a licence

Remember that you don’t need a licence for recreational fishing when it is done from the coast and not from a boat. This way you can acquire valuable experience without any red tape, which will come in handy especially for beginners and occasional fishermen.

Fishing techniques

Before we move on to the favourite fishing locations on the Slovenian coast, just a few words about fishing techniques. You will base your decision on the species of fish you want to catch and then choose amongst the following techniques:

1. Fishing with a fishing rod

This fishing technique is one of the most common. When fishing with a fishing rod we use a lead ball and a sliding sinker. A fluorocarbon fishing line with a hook at the end is attached to the fishing rod.

2. Float fishing

This technique is suitable for all fish species. A float is attached to the fishing line and has two stoppers, one on each side, that limit its movement and keep it in the correct place. The main line has a swivel on one end and a hook on the other.

3. Fishing with minnows

This technique is specialised for catching sea bass and garfish. Here you use a main line to which you attach a fluorocarbon line with a swivel and a minnow. A minnow is an artificial bait in the shape of a small fish with hooks.

4. Spearfishing

In spearfishing, a harpoon and diving equipment are used. It is one of the less known and seen techniques, but Slovenian fishermen use it quite often.

What do Slovenian fishermen say?

Among their favourite locations are the main tourist towns such as Piran, Portorož, Izola and Koper. Every year a National championship in spearfishing is organised. This type of fishing is preferred mostly during wintertime; when the climate is warmer, fishermen return to fishing from the coast as the fish get closer to it during the warmer months.

Enthusiastic fishermen also try fishing from a boat. Unfortunately, most of Slovenia’s sea doesn’t have ideal conditions for fishing as there is a lot of loam (the only exception is the area between Fiesa and Pacug) and these kind of activities are now allowed on half of the Slovenian coast. Thus Slovenian fishermen often add diving and exploring sunken objects to their hobbies. In the Slovenian sea you can find many sunken vehicles and boats which are well worth exploring, and at the same time provide excellent opportunities for spearfishing as they are rich with fish. You can find out more about diving on the Slovenian coast here.