Traditional music festival in Bernardin - Hoteli Bernardin

Traditional music festival in Bernardin

Active break | 27. 05. 2019

On the 21st of June the promenade in Bernardin comes to life with live music. You will hear various music genres on every corner of the promenade and next to Bernardin’s lagoon.

The music festival known as Muzofil will take place on the 21st of June 2019. It is a daily festival where amateur and professional musicians of different genres present themselves in outdoor locations in towns and their surroundings. The festival emphasises the importance of music: it is an activity, a means of communication and mediation and especially a medium that connects in its diversity and allows us to discover new stories and find inspiration. Muzofil is part of the festival ''Fête de la Musique'', which is held every year on the day of summer solstice, the 21st June, and has highlighted the importance of the diversity of musical culture for the conservation and development of local and global traditions since its first edition in 1982.

The musical activities will take place from 10 AM to 10 PM at various outdoor locations. In Bernardin you can find as many as six, on the way from Piran to Portorož and on the beach of Hotel Vile Park.

In the evening the programme will shift to the nearby bars/restaurants, where the musical merriment will continue.

Besides the participation of musical ensembles members of the Muzofil association, the organisational committee of the project will also invite local musicians to participate (choirs, youth groups, singers, primary and secondary schools, music schools, orchestras, DJs, musical collectives, etc.): they will not only present themselves to the wider community at the event, but will also have the chance to meet and connect, thus contributing to the enrichment of local musical creativity.

The Muzofil festival is a celebration of music:

  • it is dedicated to live music, to amateur and professional musicians and diverse music genres,
  • all concerts/performances are free,
  • music is performed in unusual places such as museums, hospitals and other public venues.

The Muzofil festival of music provides a refreshing addition to the events at the beginning of summer. On the first day of summer, with the sun, the sea and live music… for an ideal vacation, with just a step to the sea.