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A romantic weekend for two in Piran

Active break | 17. 12. 2019

Why is Piran a symbol of romance?

When Piran was still part of the Venetian republic, the town’s excellent location by the sea played an important role in maritime trade. The town was very lively and social, as many rich merchants came by sea. Once a wealthy Venetian merchant named Del Bello fell in love with a young woman of humble origins from Piran. His love was so great that he built his beloved the most beautiful house right by the port and the town loggia. The envious inhabitants spoke very badly about the couple and said the merchant was married to a woman from another town. It is unknown whether it was the truth or just malicious gossip, but the lovers were inseparable. To defend themselves they put an inscription on the house façade, which is still visible today: “Lassa pur dir” (Let them talk).

However, the famous story is not the only proof that Piran is very romantic. All those narrow streets, the mysterious passageways, colourful façades and charming arches recite hidden love verses. We will present the 3 most charming locations for a trip or a romantic weekend in Piran with you loved one. 

Ideas on what to visit during your romantic weekend in Piran

The majestic town wall of Piran

In Piran’s town wall there are seven preserved gates, which were once used as entrances to the town: the Milje gate, the Dolphin gate, the Field Gate, the Baroque gate of St. George, the Marčana gate, the First Rašpor gate and the Second Rašpor gate. The Milje gate is among the oldest preserved gates in town. The Dolphin gate is the best preserved Gothic gate in town and it is easily recognised by a crest depicting three dolphins. The construction of the famous town walls of Piran started already in the 7thcentury when they were built around the old city core in Punta. After that the town spread towards the port, including more quarters that were originally formed outside of the walls. Due to the growth of the town and in order to protect it from enemy attacks, two additional sections of the wall were built, including several defence towers. We invite you and your beloved to visit the largest preserved wall section on the hill Mogoron, from where you can admire the typical panorama over Piran.  You will feel the whole town of Piran so close as if you could embrace it.

The church of St. George and the pedestrian trail to Fiesa

When you are standing on the picturesque Tartini square, look up, where you will see the main church that is characteristic of the town. On top of the hill overlooking the town is St. George’s cathedral, named after the saint patron of Piran, who saved the town during a storm. It is the largest of all the churches in Piran and adorned by 7 altars, statues of St. George and St. Nicholas, a richly painted wooden ceiling, paintings of the Venetian school of art and the gothic crucified Jesus dating back to the 14thcentury.

Take a walk from the square to the church, from where you can see over Piran and as far as Italy and Croatia. You can continue your stroll on the pedestrian path along the cliff to Fijesa. The well-maintained path and the great views over the bay and the Italian coastline are another idea for another romantic trip.

Cape Madonna

The path by the sea will lead you to Piran’s Punta, where you will feel like you have reached the end of the world. The sweeping panorama offers views over the Slovenian coast, Italy and Venice and the neighbouring Croatia. However, the natural monument of Cape Madonna offers more than just great views: a rich and diverse life under the surface of the sea, where you can find many species of animals and plants.  Here you can also find the deepest part of the Gulf of Trieste with 38 meters of depth. Because of its rich marine life and depth, this piece of the sea is also called “Underwater Triglav”.

A romantic weekend for two in Piran - explore the coast and pamper yourself in a wellness centre

For a perfect romantic weekend for two In Piran, we invite you to come relax in the panoramic swimming pool with heated sea water, which has beneficial effects on the body and mind. Even better, in Grand Hotel Bernardin all rooms have a direct view of the sea, so you can watch the romantic sunsets over the sea from the comfort and privacy of your recently renovated room.