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The best cup of coffee on the Slovenian coast

Cuisine | 19. 11. 2017

Where to find the best cup of coffee in Portorož?

Take a trip to Portorož, find your favourite spot by the sea and order a cup of coffee. 

The Slovenian coast has quite a rich coffee drinking tradition, as it is influenced by the proximity of Italy. 

The best known types of coffee on the coast are: espresso, macchiato, cappuccino and caffe latte. More about coffee

Have you ever heard about the 5M rule?

Italians, the masters of coffee, claim that 5 m-s need to be taken into account when making a cup of coffee: macchina (machine), miscela (blend), macinino (grinder), mano (hand) and manutezione (maintainance). 

The best cafes and pastry shops on the coast. The selection of the most famous cafes and pastry shops in Slovenia. 

In Grand Hotel Bernardin we have our own best coffee.

The Slovenian tourism and hospitality assembly organizes competitions and a trade-show on hospitality and tourism. Thus it expands the knowledge of the profession and maintains its quality level. This year the Tourism and hospitality assembly was held in Kranjska Gora from the 17th till the 18th October. The event focused on the necessary strategy for a sustainable growth of Slovenian tourism. The professional competition takes place in many categories, which are divided in five groups: cooking, service, reception, group competitions in quality, the service of a menu, cocktail party, cold-warm buffet and there are also competitions for schools to stimulate the creativity of younger students still at their beginnings.  

For several years in a row the coffee prepared by Grand Hotel Bernardin’s staff won the gold at the competition.  

Come to Grand Gardenand indulge in the divine mix of aromas and breath-taking views.

The best coffee on the coast!

The best coffee on the coast!

This year ask about the GOLDEN COFFEE – LAVENDER PARADISE in Grand Caffé. 

Let’s unveil the magic ingredients of the best cup of coffee, 

The Golden coffee Lavender paradise:

lavender syrup Monin, 

Talisker whiskey, 

Baileys cream, 

Illy espresso, 

milk foam. 

The price: 8,90 EUR.

In Hoteli Bernardin you won’t find only the Golden coffee of Nataša Lajh, who took the gold in the category “coffee preparation and service”. Awards were won also in the categories: preparing a dish in a kettle, preparing à la carte dishes “Magic box”,  hotel reception, preparing dishes in front of guests, mixing drinks, preparing and serving menus, housekeeping and tablesetting. 

Meet the winners of the Slovenian tourism and hospitality assembly by category and prize:

Next year the 65th Slovenian tourism and hospitality assembly competition will be held in Hoteli Bernardin and you are kindly invited.
Photos of our winners
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