Enological & culinary experiences on the slovenian coast - Hoteli Bernardin

Enological & culinary experiences on the slovenian coast

Cuisine | 24. 05. 2021

Enological & culinary experiences on the slovenian coast

Restaurant Pečina – Grand Hotel Bernardin

When the day ends at an immaculately and richly set table, in great company, with delicious food and wines from two wine makers that elegantly leave their mark in their creations, the evening is perfect. 

An evening of infinite flavours, with just a step to the sea. 

One of the many still to follow.

A symphony of flavours – the dishes of chef Aleš Grašič and the wines from Tilia Estate – House of pinots and Ferdinand wine cellar. The best from the Vipava valley and the Brda. The food accompanied the wines perfectly. We could also say the other way around. They were balanced, equal. The food and the wine, the wine and the food – they complemented each other magnificently.

Even more, the evening was accompanied by the excellent stories of two winemakers, both named Matjaž: Matjaž Četrtič and Matjaž Lemut.

“This wine is great but it will be even better in five years.”

With these the words Matjaž Lemut (Tilia Estate) described the wines of Ferdinand cellar, run by Matjaž Četrtič. This is how they met. Even Matjaž Četrtič described his wines with the same words, when presenting them in the UK. There were many compliments for both wine houses. Anyone who appreciates pinot gris, pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rebula enjoyed the evening.  

The evening was wittily hosted by Vanja Alič and enriched by the stories of Matjaž Lemut, an excellent wine maker and a great storyteller. There was also some healthy competition between the Brda and the Vipava valley, which added the finishing touches to the evening. 

Wine and food so perfectly intertwined as they were during the Evening of infinite flavours are a story already told on another occasion by Aleš grašič: a story of love, and love goes through the stomach. The natural and local ingredients with which he creates his dishes – and which created this unforgettable evening – are enriched by his innovative approach and the care he takes not to burden the plate. There aren’t too many ingredients. He follows the principle “less is more” and lets the guest know exactly where he/she is. In Istria, this incredible country with divine flavours. 

This was only one of the Evenings of infinite flavours. You are kindly invited to participate to these events that should not be missed.

Given the great response and satisfaction, we will continue this tradition also in 2018; we will organise enological and tasting events following the established concept of the previous successful events.

Memories from past tastings
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Photo: Aleš Beno, Finance
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