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10 tips for a care-free vacation

Tips | 15. 07. 2017
The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. This is the time when we forget, at least for a few weeks, about our daily routines and recharge our energy levels and ready ourselves to face new challenges.

Below, read ten tips for a care-free vacation.

1. Leave your problems at home

Because the objective of a holiday is to replenish energy levels for the coming season, leave your troubles at home. Switch off your cell phone and concentrate only on yourself and your company. 

2. Company

Good company is vital for a good holiday. But since humans are individualists by nature, the rules of the game should be set already before departure. Mornings and talk about daily endeavours during holidays can often give rise to quarrels. Learn to state out loud what's bothering you and attempt to resolve issues before they actually develop into something more serious. However, if conflict does occur, don't forget: this is your summer holiday, and it only comes once a year.

3. Luggage

Has it ever happened to you that you hardly touched your luggage, particularly clothing, that you brought along on your holiday? Before departure, prepare a list of vital items and leave the rest at home. 

4. Insurance

A carefree holiday can quickly turn into a nightmare in case of injury or if you fall ill. Arrange insurance for the entire family –annual fees should be affordable enough. Make certain to also bring along medication and medical products. More often than not, it only takes a single band-aid before a child forgets about a bruised knee.

5. Documents

Have you ever reached a remote national border crossing just to find out that you left your personal identification at home? Don't forget about your identification and health insurance cards, international health insurance certificates, vehicle documentation and, when travelling to unknown and remote locations, contact information of the nearest Slovenian embassy. Of course, when bringing along pets, don't forget about their documents, either!

6. Condition of the vehicle

Members of a road assistance club can head over to one of the official road assistance service centres (AMZS) and have their vehicles examined free of charge. Alternatively, head over to the nearest garage and have your car's breaks and fluid levels checked. 

7. Navigation systems aren't omnipotent

People often rely blindly on navigation system instead of enjoying the passing landscape. Our tempers flare when the small device finally surrenders unconditionally and attempts to resolve the situation by calculating a new route and making a U-turn. We recommend that, before departure, you learn about the possible peculiarities on your trip, open up a map and stick to the drawn route. Plan your trip in such a way that you will actually relax instead of mindlessly race from one destination to another; this is a recipe for a holiday from hell both for the driver and passengers. Not visiting every destination planned for your vacation is really not a bad thing.

8. Safety

Holidays are a time to let go of your worries. In turn, this often means forgetting about safety. But because opportunity makes a thief, think about safety even before departure. The police recommend not to carry large quantities of cash, or pay in cash, and also to mind your debit and credit cards.

Carry your personal items close to your body and be mindful of passing-by motorcycles and bicycles.

Keep handbags closed and in sight. Carry your wallet and identification close to your body and do not keep them in handbags, especially external pockets.

Avoid crowds if at all possible. Thieves will rely on the element of surprise and speed, taking advantage of the victim's lack of attention. Always park your vehicle in a safe location and try not to draw attention to yourself with your behaviour!

9. Calls and data transmission

Do you use your cell phone or tab during vacation? Before leaving your country, investigate call and data transmission prices and possible cheaper alternatives with your mobile network operator. In the European Union, moderate use of your cell won't really make a dent in your wallet. Though when travelling outside the European Union, we still recommend using your phone only when really necessary.

10. There will be other holidays

After the first half of the holiday, people often succumb to melancholy since it is slowly coming to an end. Don't! During your vacation, seize the opportunity and power down your brain, forget about your job and take in the beauties offered by the destination of your choice. Put down your tablets, phones and computers. Your holiday should be about spending time and having fun with the people you care most about. 

Tip: Soon after your return, the week will end with the weekend, giving opportunity for another escape into the unknown!