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Tips for a family holiday on the sea

Tips | 22. 06. 2017
We have prepared a number of useful tips on how to get ready for the "expedition" to the beach. Hopefully, they will help your entire family enjoy the sun and the seaside. It's best if the entire family participates in the preparation and packing, of course if the children are appropriately aged and capable of help. Take the necessary time, make the preparations fun and avoid stressing out. Anxiety will undoubtedly ruin the mood and the entire beach experience.

1. Choosing the right beach

  • Select a spot where the sea is easily accessible. Beaches with large rocks and boulders might not be suitable for small children. It helps if the sea deepens gradually so children can play in the shallows, while such spots are also more than suitable for family activities in the sea.
  • Choose a beach which offers shade during the hottest parts of the day to hide from the blazing heat.
  • If children prefer swimming pools and require additional stimulation, opt for a beach with water slides, youth workers and plenty of beach activities.
  • Plan for meal breaks. It's easiest when you bring the food with. However, if you don't, choose a beach which offers catering.

2. Activities for children

Try to involve your children into preparations: have them prepare e.g. their toys that they'll be bringing along.

We recommend:
  • Swimming and diving gear (swim fins, diving mask etc.)
  • Games (cards, dominos, Ludo etc.)
  • Water toys for family fun (Frisbee, beach ball etc.)
  • Colouring books, empty sheets of paper and crayons
  • Watercolours for painting stones and shells
  • Playdough
  • Water toys
  • Board games
  • Balance bike/skateboard/scooter for fun in the camp
  • Bicycle and bike seat – extremely fun and useful for exploring the surroundings

3. Protect yourselves from the sun

Head to the beach early in the morning or in late in the afternoon, because the sun’s rays are strongest between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Protect your kids from the dangerous rays of the sun with sunscreen with a high SPF protection factor. During the day, remember to regularly apply sunscreen as even water-resistant products will eventually wash off. Don't forget about the children playing in the shade: the sun's rays penetrating the treetops are just as strong.

Remember to bring a hat: bonnet, baseball cap or similar. Hats and caps should be made of permeable lightweight natural materials, such as cotton. Because of heat and potential dehydration, have your children drink plenty of fluids with a low sugar content (water, tea, natural juice etc.).

4. The sea floor

In case you're unsure if the sea floor is littered with sea urchins, have your children wear protective footwear, even though it is recommended that they go barefoot as much as possible. Be sure to remove the potential urchin spines from feet or palms immediately to prevent infection.

Jellyfish stings can also be painful, especially for children. Be sure to consult your paediatrician. In case of minor injuries, be sure to also pack a first aid kit.

Take your children to a family-friendly beach. First off, it should be tidy. If the beach is used for parties in evenings and is not tidied up before morning, it might be better to head for a different beach.