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Ideas for the best Christmas and new year’s gifts

Tips | 13. 12. 2017

The season of giving, of festive holidays, with time for us…

The magical holidays bring the festive spirit, cheerful Christmas melodies, warm embraces of our dearest ones, the sweet aroma of mulled wine and the time for gift-giving

Check out the best 3 recommendations for the perfect Christmas and new year's gift

1. What are the receiver’s wishes, what is his/her style

The main question when buying or making a gift is “Will the gift bring joy to the receiver?”. 

In order to choose the right gift, we need to know the receiver’s style, his/her habits, and the type of character. Each gift should be chosen individually for each person. If you have generic gift ideas for all the people on your gift list, it means that you did not take the time to think about each person or that you do not know his/her style.

2. A personal touch

Do not forget to add a personal touch to your gift, whether you are buying it or making it yourself. The gift should remind the receiver of you long after the festive season is over. You can add some magic personal touch with a handwritten card or with a message written on the wrapping paper. Make it something special, something that reflects you.

3. A memorable gift
The best gifts are those who are worth saving and that invoke pleasant memories. It is not true that practical gifts cannot invoke pleasant memories. Imagine that you receive as a gift a ticket for your favorite theatre performance or for your favorite wellness ritual… sometimes the experience itself is the gift that we remember forever.

Nowadays in our hectic lifestyle what we most miss is actually the most important thing, time.

Time for our families, for our better half, for ourselves… so a gift that combines time and pampering is a perfect idea.

You can give time and pampering as a gift with wellness gift vouchers. The rich offer in wellness centers provides various pampering opportunities for individuals, couples or the whole family. During the festive December and winter-colored January, we’ve prepared a special offer in the Wellness&Spa Mirta in Izola, with treatments and sauna tickets for every taste and budget.

The best wellness offers for the festive December and winter-colored January

MASSAGE: The best massage according to our guests

Relaxing massage with Mediterranean spices oil 

A choice of essential oils combined with various massaging techniques will relax your body and mind.

SPECIAL TREATMENT: Massage with candles

Mesmerizing and aromatic massage with candles

The massage with candles creates a pleasant atmosphere and is suitable especially for firming and nourishing the skin and improving its elasticity. The whole body is massaged for complete relaxation.

FACIAL TREATMENT: Skin regeneration with gold

Anti-age facial treatment with 24-carat gold

The luxurious facial treatment contains particles of gold that stimulate the cellular regeneration of the skin. The high concentration of isoflavones stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. After the treatment, the skin is radiant, rejuvenated, silky soft to the touch and its tone is visibly improved.

Ideas for Christmas gifts

You can find more information about the special offer here or you can contact us on: T: +386 (0) 5 660 34 00 / E:

And do not forget the three golden rules for the perfect gift: make sure it’s individually chosen for each person, add your personal touch and make it memorable… If you need some additional ideas, you can find them here. We wish you good luck!