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Portorož airport

Tips | 06. 06. 2018

Aerodrom Portorož is the third international airport in Slovenia. It has a strategical position as it is geographically well placed in central Europe. Its position is actually unique, as it is situated in the heart of the Nature park Sečovlje saltpans and is only a few kilometres away from Portorož and Piran. Moreover, it has excellent road connections to central Slovenia and also to other regions.

The airport has the following amenities: airport management by providing landing and take-off of aircrafts, use of infrastructure and passenger terminal, ground handling of aircrafts, passengers and luggage and commercial activities.

The majority of aircrafts that land and take off at Portorož airport are single-engine and twin-engine, piston or turboprop aircrafts of general aviation, which have a capacity of 10 passengers. Sometimes the airport is used also by larger twin-engine turboprop aircrafts with a capacity of 60 passengers and smaller business twin-engine jet aircrafts.

Photo: Turistično združenje Portorož, www.portoroz.si

Portorož airport is renowned for its long-lasting tradition and services of the highest level. The security and privacy of passengers is well taken care of. Satisfied visitors will surely tell that the airport is famous for its aircraft marshaller on a motorcycle and the traditional welcome with homemade liquor. Together with a friendly and accommodating attitude, it ensures that guests gladly return.

Portorož airport has a 1200-metre asphalt runway and is one of the most important airports of general aviation in south-eastern Europe. It has all the amenities to ensure the ground handling of aircrafts, a lighting system, a duty free shop, an aviation gasoline and kerosene service, an eco-aircraft cleaning service, hangars, etc., which ensure the comfort of guests. During summer the airport is open from 8:30 till 20:00, during winter from 8:00 till 16:30.

The beginnings of the airport go back to the previous century, when in 1962 terrain preparations were made for a sports airport. The renovated airport was opened in 1978 and in the same year it was registered in the airport register and licensed for panoramic flights. In 1980 it acquired the permit for public transport for both domestic and international flights. Night operations were also taken care of with the instalment of runway lighting and an approach lighting system in the vicinity of the airport.