Parking in Portorož - Hoteli Bernardin

Parking in Portorož

Tips | 06. 06. 2018

Thinking about a taking trip to the coast and spending a lovely day by the sea?

You will probably want to park your car as close as you can to your destination… During spring and summer the Slovenian coast is visited by many domestic and international tourists, which all have a fairly unpleasant task: finding an available parking space.

If you decide to visit Portorož or go to the beach, the best solution is leaving your car in a garage, which is more convenient that parking on the street. Your car will also stay cool as it will be parked in the shade.

Guests of Hoteli Bernardin have free parking

If you are spending your holiday on the Slovenian coast in Hoteli Bernardin, in every resort you have free parking. All resorts – Bernardin Resort in Portorož, Salinera in Strunjan and San Simon in Izola – are just a step from the town’s centre…

Portorož – where can I park?

Parking for cars in Portorož:

  • along the road from the crossroad of Obala street and Solinska pot street until the turn for Grand hotel Metropol - in both directions,
  • garage Metropol,
  • gravel parking lot near Marina Portorož,
  • parking lot near tennis courts in Portorož,
  • two parking lots near Avditorij Portorož,
  • next to the old salt warehouse between Portorož and Bernardin,
  • next to the TPC centre in Lucija.

The last parking lot is the cheapest in Lucija, the hourly rate is from 10 cent/hour.