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Hospitality quality on the Slovenian Coast

Tips | 24. 10. 2018

65th Hospitality and tourism assembly and Days of Slovenian tourism in Hoteli Bernardin

From the 8th till the 10th October 2018 Hoteli Bernardin hosted the 65th Hospitality and tourism assembly and Days of Slovenian tourism. Besides hosting the event, Hoteli Bernardin also participated in the competition with its excellent team and confirmed its reputation in the quality of hospitality services.

In three days numerous events of the 65thHospitality and tourism assembly and Days of Slovenian tourism brought together more than 1500 visitors, who have tourism as their common point. The magnitude of events, the number of locations and participants make the Hospitality and tourism assembly unique in our area. The demanding organisation of the event, the variety of competitions and the great interest in the event itself show the maturity and significance of the profession and its commitment to continuously improve the quality of services. More than 300 contestants competed in 30 categories, testing their skills and knowledge. Moreover, various competitions, workshops, exhibitions and meetings were held in 20 locations in Bernardin. 

Bernardin also participated in professional competitions and confirmed its high reputation in the quality of hospitality services. Eight employees from different occupational areas competed in eight contest categories. They won a blue ribbon, two gold medals, one silver medal, six gold awards and two silver awards. 

Our great team ...

The blue ribbon, a gold medal and a gold award were won by Andrej Kurež in three categories: the quality ribbon for a themed table setting and filleting fish in front of guests. Stjepan Baniček received the gold medal and award in the category of preparing a dish in front of guests. In the competition of hotel receptionists Jasmina Jurgec was awarded the silver medal and gold award, where as Adriana Bucaj received the silver award. Both receptionists were under the mentorship of Admira Grgovič. In the Magic Box competition for cooks that consists of preparing an à la carte dish, Rok Pervinšek received the silver award under the mentorship of Aleš Grašič. The competition of hotel maids saw the participation of Irena Kaligarič and Asmira Hasić under the mentorship of Zdenka Kogovšek: both received the gold award.

Results of the 65th Hospitality and tourism assembly

  • Display of table settings, quality ribbon competition - Kurež Andrej, Blue ribbon, GOLD medal, GOLD award
  • Preparing dishes in front of guests - Baniček Stjepan, GOLD medal and award, mentor: Sau Viola
  • Hotel receptionists competition - Jurgec Jasmina, SILVER medal, GOLD award and  Bucaj Adriana, SILVER award, mentor: Admira Grgovič
  • Sommelier competition - Milunovič Mirjan, GOLD award
  • Cooks competition in preparing an à la carte dish (Magic Box) - Pervinšek Rok, SILVER award, mentor: Aleš Grašič
  • Hotel maids competition - Irena Kaligarič, GOLD award and Asmira Hasić, GOLD award, mentor: Zdenka Kogovšek 

Some photo memories ...

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Photo: GTZS