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Parking in Piran

Tips | 25. 10. 2018

Anyone who visits Piran will quickly realise why this tiny coastal town is one of the most visited on the Slovenian coast. As you walk through the old fishing and salt-making town almost at every step you’ll find charming views and interesting sights. Wait till you visit the town’s wall… you’ll be rewarded with the most breath-taking view.  Are you already hooked and can’t wait to visit Piran? Despite its petite size, the town has many parking options for a relaxed visit.

Parking in the city centre

Parking in the municipality of Piran is very simple as payments can be made with text messages. You can also you an application,which is easy to use and accessible to foreign visitors. All you have to do is use PayPal to charge your virtual walletand then use it to pay for the parking. In Piran detailed information can be found on all parking meters.

Larger parking lots

Besides parking in the city centre, the municipality of Piran also has two parking garages.

The garage Fornače can be found right before the town and at only 50 m distance there’s a bus station where you can catch the free bus to the town’s centre. Two busses depart every 15 minutes between Fornače and Tartini square. You can also walk to town: with a pleasant stroll by the seaside you will reach it 10 minutes.

The second option is the garage Arze, located near Piran’s cemetery on a hill above the town. You can reach the centre with a 10 min walk. The garage is automated, the parking can be paid on two parking meters, which are located on the pedestrian entrances to the garage.

You don’t need to worry about safe parking lots in Piran. All you have to do is go on a trip and spend a lovely day in the pearl of the Slovenian coast, Piran!