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Spas and health resorts in Slovenia

Wellness | 17. 04. 2017
Despite its modest size, Slovenia is brimming with valuable natural resources. In Slovenia, one can find everything from thermal waters with endless health benefits to favourable climate conditions and a pristine natural environment. Regardless of where the road takes you, you will enjoy the beneficial effects and hospitality of Slovene natural health resorts.
The region of Styria is where the majority of Slovene health resorts are located. As many as seven spas and health resorts are inviting you to the favourable climate of the verdant Pohorje Hills, the wine-bearing regions among lakes and fields.

Then there's the Mura Valley area
where the countryside is perfect for cycling excursions with your family and experiencing the culinary specialties. Healing thermal waters are only part of the reason why you will fall in love with the spas and health resorts in the Prekmurje region.

Allow yourself to be drawn to the Slovene Littoral and its Mediterranean climate
with healing effects on the respiratory system, by the beauty of the karst and the view of the sea. Two natural health resorts are waiting for you.

Lower Carniola,
a land of vineyard cottages and Zeleni Jurij, through which the natural beauty called the Krka River winds, has a rich tradition of thermal waters. You will be welcomed at the two natural health resorts. The largest spa can be found in the Sava Valley region, where the Krka and Sava rivers meet.

How to decide?

Slovenia is a land of healing mineral waters. Its thermal and mineral springs are a source of health and well-being. Select your health resort in the verdant surroundings of the Pannonian Basin, Karst, the Alps or the Mediterranean.

In Slovenia, you will find the right health resort for yourself based on the region it is located in or according to your physical needs, the needs of your inner-you, and the kind of vacation you and your partner expect.

Slovene healing waters are associated with many legends and tales. Almost every health resort has its own legend about the discovery of water springs. And all Slovene natural health resorts have one thing in common: they will restore your joy of life.

Authentic experiences and flavours

From their beginning, Slovene spas and health resorts have been closely connected to life in the towns that they developed in. The individual characteristics of each individual verdant region, wine-bearing land, nearby forests, fields and pastures compose the natural proportion of the offer of Slovene health resorts. They are part of therapeutic and relaxation programmes, trips, events and cuisine.

Verdant in a Slovenian way

The foundation of Slovene health resorts is the luxury derived directly from nature. As a result, the development of the offer of health resorts is aimed at the sustainable preservation of a flourishing Slovenia. In the land of always accessible drinking water, green forests and extraordinary regions full of intact and protected nature, spas and health resorts swear by the preservation of environmental characteristics.

A sensation of safety

Slovene health resorts encourage their guests to establish contact with themselves in a safe and peaceful verdant environment. Close to exuberant towns yet far from the crazy tempo, close to the countryside tranquillity but far from boredom, they offer an opportunity to restore your inner strength in a safe manner, tailored to your every need. In the safe and green Slovenia, you will be closer to your inner peace.

Love for people

Slovenia is a land of the type of love that brings together the diversity of the regions and its people. Slovene spas and health resorts turn that love into hospitality and respect for individuality. They will charm you with authenticity and pamper you with their honest friendliness. Their mission is to take care of the well-being of individuals as well as their desires and needs.

Caring for your body, a healthy lifestyle and the state of the mind

Take time for yourself. Slovene spas and health resorts offer everything needed for a relaxing break or successful recovery

At all fourteen state-certified natural spas and health resorts, you will be welcomed with open arms and comfortably accommodated in hotels, suites, holiday houses and camps. Also suitable for campers.

Those visiting spas and health resorts due to health issues will find the needed information under the Health section. For anyone looking for relaxation and pampering, the colourful assortment of the wellness offer is supplemented by sports activities and entertainment.

Slovene health resorts can be found in four Slovene regions. Discover their natural and cultural beauties and spoil yourself in their hospitality.

How to select the right spa or health resort?

The offer of Slovene natural health resorts is colourful and versatile, so we want to make the selection easier with the Enquirer. When browsing their offers, you can add the services you are most interested in into the Enquirer as criteria that will help you narrow down your search for the right spa or health resort to find the perfect one offering the desired combination of services.
If you already know what services you’re looking for, we recommend using the offer browser. With just a few clicks, you can find the providers best suited to your desires and send them an enquiry.