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Taking care of dry skin

Wellness | 15. 11. 2017

Taking care of the skin in autumn

Everything starts during the summer, when the skin is exposed to the sun. But an excessive loss of water is also caused by wind, salt and chlorine. In order to give the skin back its healthy and youthful appearance we need to give it more care, especially during the colder months. In autumn the skin needs more care as it has lost a lot of water, vitamins and nutrients during the summer.

We must take special care of the skin on our face, as it needs deep moisturizing and healing. Hydration is the key for an ideal skin and the first need of a dehydrated skin. 

The three worst consequences of excessive exposure to the sun 

The merciless sun can cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or depigmentation (lighter spots), affect the skin’s ageing and form wrinkles.

1.                  Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the formation of dark spots on the skin, which have irregular form and colouring. They appear as a result of excessive melanin production. Melanin is a pigment which gives the skin and hair their colour. The formation of melanin is a defence mechanism of the body, which tries to protect the skin. If we are excessively exposed to the sun and the damaging UV rays, the body produces more and more melanin, which ends up forming darker spots on our skin. These spots are not a hazard to our health but they can affect self-esteem and confidence. There are different types of hyperpigmentation: liver spots (lentigo solaris), melasma, chloasma, dark spots, age spots (lentigo senilis), spots caused by acne (post inflammatory hypermelanosis) and freckles (ephelides). The most common form is melasma, which is mostly found on the cheekbones and forehead, and can be caused by hormonal changes. It can manifest itself after the age of 25 and 90% of the affected are women.

2.  Depigmentation 

An uneven pigmentation of the skin. The most common form is vitiligo, usually seen as white dots on the skin. In this case the skin doesn’t have enough melanin and it loses its colour or pigment. When the spots are smaller, self-tanning creams can be used to cover them: the active ingredients in this kind of creams bond with keratin’s amino acids in the upper layers of the skin (keratynocites), causing the skin to become orange or brown a few hours after the cream’s application.

3. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are primarily caused by muscle movements and excessive sun exposure. Thus facial wrinkles are the most common, since the face is the most exposed to the sun. Excessive sunbathing caused loses of estrogen and fat. You can fight wrinkles with antioxidants, which reduce free radicals and inflammations. An alternative solution is also facial yoga, which smoothens wrinkles or at least provides firmness.

Everyone, especially the gentler sex, strives to maintain a healthy skin. A healthy skin is a skin with natural freshness, good epidermis structure, smooth surface without scars, unified and lighter complexion, very little signs of hyperpigmentation and depigmentation.

What can we do for our skin to maintain its youthful appearance?

-       constant protection from UV rays.

-       healthy diet and sufficient intake of liquids.

-       use of right cosmetic products, for example: cream for removing pigmentation spots.

-       regular visits to cosmetics professionals.

Protecting the skin from UV rays

The best protection from the sun is avoiding sun exposure between 10:00 and 16:00, when the UV (ultraviolet) radiation is the strongest. If we are in the sun during those hours, a protective sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher must be applied. The cream should be applied half hour before going in the sun and reapplied every two to three hours. We should wear protective clothing, shirts with long sleeves and pants, sunglasses and hat.

A healthy diet and sufficient liquids

Besides drinking enough non-sugary drinks through the day, the food we eat has to contain plenty antioxidants, vitamin C and calcium, as they renew and rejuvenate the skin. Some great options for a quick help: red or brown seaweed extract, olive oil, aloe vera, Indian gooseberry, kiwi, rice extract, white mulberry, tea tree, liquorice, anise, bearberry,...

Professional care and a correct use of cosmetic products

By stimulating the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, we provide the skin with moisture and reduce visible wrinkles. The skin becomes firmer and its aging is slowed down.

Facial treatment: PEEL RE- NEW with cosmetics Afrodita

The treatment is an exfoliation of the skin with the aid of AHA and BHA acids. This advanced treatment provides the skin with an intensive peeling, which melts the intercellular connections to eliminate dead skin cells and thus intensifies the renewal process of the upper layer of the skin (epidermis). The treatment stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and eases the signs of hyperpigmentation (dark spots and freckles). The products used during the treatment stimulate the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which provide the skin with moisture, firm the skin’s structure and make wrinkles less visible.

After the summer this treatment is indispensable. In order to have the best effect, experts in the field of cosmetic care, recommend to have from 6 to 10 treatments with fruit acids during autumn and winter. One treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What about the body? 

Taking care of the skin of the body: the Japanese ritual Hanakasumi is the right choice when you want to give the best to your body and spirit. It is a special and ancient relaxing ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. For the best effect, firstly a peeling is done to remove dead skin cells. So the treatment starts with a warm peeling with rice powder and is removed with special gloves, leaving the skin soft. It is followed by a foot massage with reflexology, which reinvigorates the vital energy. The ritual is continued with a relaxing body massage: an aromatic shea butter with the aroma of cherry blossom and lotus is used. After the treatment the skin is nourished, hydrated, supple and velvety.

For other rituals that help keep a youthful appearance – check here.

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