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Valentine’s day - the perfect day for romantic pampering

Wellness | 12. 02. 2018

Take some time for a romantic pampering for two

Valentine ’s day - lovers’ day - 14th February is the day of the year when we can’t forget about love... and it should be this way. In the present fast way of life we often say that we don’t have time to maintain a relationship. When it comes to Valentine’s day, opinions vary. Some people like it, because they take some time for their loved ones. Others think that it is too commercial and it only stimulates consumer culture...

Despite everything, Valentine’s day is that one day in the year that reminds us to take time for love. No matter what we decide to give as a gift, time is the most precious one.

Where does Valentine’s day come from?

Valentine’s day as lovers’ day was introduced by western cultures. In the past the name day of St. Valentine was considered the first call for spring, as Valentine - the saint of spring - would bring the key to unlock the roots of the plants. According to old farming calendars the 14th February marks the beginning of work in vineyards and fileds. The day took on the present meaning of celebration of romantic love only in the late middle ages.

There are many stories about Valentine

According to one of the legends, Valentine’s day originated in 1979. The story tells about the love of Valentine, a prisoner who fell in love with the warden’s blind daughter. He showed his love through letters and poems, restoring the beautiful woman’s sight.

There’s also a legend according to which Valentine’s day is connected to the time when the emperor Claudius II forbid roman soldiers from marrying before going to war. Saint Valentine fulfilled their love wishes and married the couples in secret.

Nowadays every couple creates its own story, its own legend. The day is known for the love massages lovers send to each other: they’re usually in the shape of hearts or the winged Cupid and are known as “Valentines”.

It doesn’t matter which story about Valentine you believe... you can create your own story...

Why not take a romantic break for the two of you?

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