Hoteli Bernardin


We support and organize socially responsible activities to raise awareness about health and safety in tourism among guests and employees.

Health promoting group – Make every day a healthy day

2014 - 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019
Recreation, sports and exercises are part of the supporting activities in organized sports events. As part of the “Health at work” project the company formed a Health promoting group in 2014, which brings together recreational sport enthusiasts and bears the logo of “Bernardinko” and the slogan “Make every day a healthy day”. The Health promoting group’s goal is to encourage the employees to have a healthy way of life through recreation and a healthy diet. Every year they organize recreational days and participate in various sports events representing Hoteli Bernardin: they compete in the Istrian cycling and running marathons, organize recreational activities and competitions for employees in many sports (from tennis, table tennis, beach volley, football, running,…). They also have an “exercise during work” campaign – “Take 5 min for your health” – for those employees with mostly sedentary work.