Hoteli Bernardin


Our work is ethical and socially beneficial, the company supports socially responsible projects in the local and wider environment.

Enjoy local

In 2014 Hoteli Bernardin started its trademark “Enjoy local”

Tourism is based on preserving the natural and cultural environment, which is one of the main reasons for travelling. Hotels are part of the environment and must thus behave as a responsible guest of that environment. They must respect it, nurture it and, according to the main reasons guiding tourists when choosing a travelling destination, also develop its authentic elements, express its character and local identity. We’ve included the “Enjoy local” trademark in all holiday and business programmes, introducing local customs, culture and traditions. We’ve been educating our guests about the natural and cultural sights of our environment. With this touristic programme we’re adding value and attracting more demanding guests, which improves the quality of the guests’ experiences in the touristic destination.