Hoteli Bernardin
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Family friendly company

In 2016 Hoteli Bernardin, d.d. received the full certificate “Family friendly company”.

Socially responsible programme “”

In line with its social responsibility, Hoteli Bernardin d.d. has become a supporter of the “” programme.

Olympic Committee of Slovenia – bronze sponsor

Hoteli Bernardin are the bronze sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, supporting the development of the Olympic movement.

Campaing for helping the flooded areas in the Balkans

In 2014 we’ve successfully organized a charity campaign for the collection of basic goods for the flooded areas in the Balkans.

Collecting caps for Nick

The end of October 2014 saw the conclusion of the “Collecting caps for Nick” campaign.

Enjoy local

In 2014 Hoteli Bernardin started its trademark “Enjoy local”.

Cooperation with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth

Every year the Slovenian association of friends of youth tries to ensure unforgettable summer adventures to as many children as possible with its campaign “Wink to the sun”.