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Enjoy local - services with a local touch

Salt, olives, Piran, Istria…  In step with trends in sustainable tourism we introduce services with a local touch since the environment and business success in the tourism are interdependent. Sustainability is one of the values ​​the company Bernardin Group strives for.

Hotels are only a part of the environment in which they must act like a responsible guest who respects and preserves the environment. Among the main motives of travelling is discovering natural and cultural heritage and relaxation in an orderly and genuine environment. Depending on the motives that lead today’s tourists in the selection of tourist destinations, it is important that the hotel reflects the local identity and authenticity and respect the character of the area. 

The colours, smells and flavours build impressions and experiences of our guests. Whether it is water, the scent of lavender or genuine taste of sea bass, the more authentic the experience is, the more it touches us and even greater impression it leaves. The guest who returns home with pleasant impressions of its experience shares them with his relatives, friends and acquaintances, and is likely to return. 

With the brand "Enjoy local" we emphasize the genuineness and authenticity. Whether as an event participant, as a transitional guest or on the vacation we would like all our guests to experience this and come back for more.