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Lowest price guarantee

If within 48 hours after your confirmed reservation you find a lower price than the one confirmed to you, call us and we will re-confirm your reservation at the lower price.

The lowest price guarantee is valid for the identical dates, number of nights, number of guests and type of room as was preliminary confirmed by the company Hoteli Bernardin d.d.

The Lowest price guarantee is applicable to:

  • Prices applicable for organized groups;
  • Prices applicable for companies;  
  • Prices applicable for seminars, congresses and meetings;
  • Prices applicable for business partners and their employees;
  • Prices applicable for specific guest groups or are not applicable to general public

If the found lower price is not mentioned in € currency, the company Hoteli Bernardin d.d. will convert the value in accordance to the central rate of the Bank of Slovenia between the two currencies on the date of the reservation.

The Lowest price guarantee is also applicable for sales and payment conditions as:

  • reservation cancellation policy
  • reservation modification policy
  • Redeem of guarantee

The guarantee must be redeemed within 48 hours after the confirmed reservation and 72 hours before the arrival date to the hotel. If the reservation was made less than 72 hours prior to the arrival of the guest, the guarantee is not valid.

The company Hoteli Bernardin will issue a written confirmation of the new lowest price reservation only at the end of the verification process if the proof contains all relevant elements.

In the case that the reservation was already paid for by a sent prepayment invoice, the company will refund to the guest the overpaid sum to the agreed upon bank account.

In the case that the lowest price guarantee is not completed according to all the relevant elements, the guest will receive an e-mail explaining the reason of the guarantee rejection.

In the case of reservation cancellation, the cancellation policy sent together with the confirmed reservation are valid. 

The company Hoteli Bernardin is not responsible for extra charges caused due to reservation cancellation and reserves the right to change or cancel the lowest price guarantee at any time and without prior notice.