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Responsibility towards society and the environment

Responsible tourism is an environmentally and people-friendly response to the challenges of modern times. The Hoteli Bernardin d.d. Company promotes sustainable development and is committed to:

  • ensuring the safety and well-being of its guests and staff,
  • contributing to the development of the local economy,
  • appreciating and preserving the natural, cultural and social environment in which we operate and
  • raising awareness of the tourists about their impact.

Caring for the employees

The Hoteli Bernardin, d.d. Company provides work in various professional fields in tourism for willing workers. We provide for career, professional and personal development. Together we are building a culture of mutual trust, respect, effective collaboration and teamwork, lifelong learning and responsible and efficient work.

We invite new workers to the Company through public calls and postings on websites; we collaborate with schools and universities and make presentations at job fairs. At the end of 2012, Hoteli Bernardin d.d. received the basic Family-Friendly Company Certificate, which is a tool for a better reconciliation of work and family life. The certificate received and all the actions to which we are committed will provide further assistance in the fulfillment of one of the fundamental values of the company: employee care and efforts to improve their satisfaction.

Protection of the natural environment

Blue flag

At Hoteli Bernardin d.d., we invest in environmentally friendly technologies, reduce the consumption of natural resources, save energy, raw materials and natural resources, separately collect and recycle waste, and educate employees about environmentally responsible behavior. 

As managers of five bathing areas on the Slovenian coast, Hoteli Bernardin d.d. are aware of the responsibilities and the importance of a caring attitude towards our local and the wider environment in providing high-quality and safe bathing.

Each year, we participate in the well-established and reputed international BLUE FLAG program, which encourages an active attitude towards the natural environment. In 2012, the San Simon bathing area in Izola and Salinera in Strunjan received the Blue Flag eco-label. It means that as managers, we ensure the fulfillment of a number of criteria relating to:

  • environmental education and information,
  • eco-friendly business,
  • bathing water quality,
  • safety. 

The Blue Flag environmental label is awarded by a European jury upon a proposal from the National Commission of each FEE Member State. It is a world-renowned and respected eco-label, which was accepted by UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) and the World Tourism Organization.

System for heat supply of the Grand Hotel Bernardin with the help of the sea

Basic project information

Investor:           GGE družba za izvajanje energetskih storitev, d.o.o.
User:           Hoteli Bernardin d.d.
Main contractor:   Singenium d.o.o.
Project purpose:  Heating and cooling of the Grand Hotel Bernardin
Scope:                 A system of two reversible heat pumps “sea/water”
Thermal power:      1,000 kW
Construction period:      August 2013 – January 2014

What is a heat pump and how does it work?

A heat pump is a device that transfers the thermal energy from the environment to the facility. It is designed to transfer heat in the direction opposite to its natural flow. As a heat source, the heat pump can use the energy in ambient air, soil, groundwater, river, sea, etc.
The heat pump itself also consumes energy, usually in the form of electricity. The ratio between consumed energy and useful heat energy produced is called coefficient of heat pump performance, or COP, and it is key information on its efficiency.

Special features of the project

The Grand Hotel Bernardin energy supply system using heat pumps, benefiting from the energy of the sea, is officially the first commercial project of this kind in this part of Europe. The system takes advantage of the favorable energy potential of the sea: with the help of the energy-saving pumps, sea water circulates through filters and heat exchangers of the heat pump. 

The heat pump only withdraws some useful energy from the sea water. In the process, no chemicals or other additives are used, and sea water returns to the sea in the same state as it was extracted, only heated or cooled by a few degrees. Since the heat pumps are reversible, Grand Hotel Bernardin uses the heat pump for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Eco-friendly project

With the installation of heat pumps and the abandonment of fuel oil heating, the user reduces annual CO2 emissions by around 500 tons, while providing guests with the same level of comfort. Special attention was also being paid to the renovation of the marine capture and release, where some of the existing underwater objects were modified into artificial underwater reefs. We are confident that numerous sea creatures will soon find their home here.   For more information about the project, see www.energijamorja.si  

The successful implementation of the project was achieved with the moral support and positive critical attitude of: The Municipality of Piran, ARSO, NIB, Piran Administrative Unit