Istriana - Hoteli Bernardin
Hotel Histrion NEW 2020Your unique Istrian experience
Hotel Histrion NEW 2020Sea Park Termaris
Hotel Histrion NEW 2020Your unique Istrian experience

New - spring / summer 2020

Your Istrian Experience

Our new brand Istriana is a unique experience of Istria, which is closely interweaved with the tradition and history of the local environment. You can meet the single elements of Istria at different points in the resort. Discover the authenticity of Istria with all your senses and its hospitality in all the seasons.

Experience our new offer in St. Bernardin Resort:

renovated Hotel Histrion wellness center Relax & Spa Benedicta
Sea Park Termaris restaurant Belin
herbal promenade Aromarium
The story of Istriana is represented by the henbane (lat. Hyoscyamus niger). This flower has five leaves which are associated with the five elements of the earth and the five senses. Each colorful leaf represents an experience point in the resort: seawater in swimming pool – whisper of the waves, room- unendless view, spa – beneficial touch, gastronomy – authentic flavours, herbal promenade – fragrances of the autochtones herbs.

Discover the authenticity of Istria with all your senses and its hospitality in all the seasons

Hotel Histrion

Look ... the endless blue view

The 276 renovated rooms in pastel, natural colors with a touch of Istria and endless sea view, offer an oasis for a complete disconnection from everyday life. In the room, you can admire the most famous images of Istria.

Sea Park Termaris

Listen … the whisper of the sea

In the swimming pool complex with heated sea water - Sea Park Termaris – with 2,400 m2 surface one part is intended for guests who wish to relax and enjoy the peace, while the other part is designed for fun water activities.

Relax & Spa Benedicta

Feel ... the touch of Istria

In the renovated word of saunas and massagges will be offered treatments with natural ingredients such as olive oil, salt, grapes, roses and local herbs. The offer comprise aromatherapies, sound therapies, salt room, massagges and beauty tretmens.

Rustic Restaurant Belin

Taste … delicious dishes

The new restaurant Belin offer saisonal and local dishes that will be prepared following the recipes of traditional istrian culinary. Belenus ''the sun god'', the divinity of our ancestors, will add a pinch of warmth and a pleasing taste.

Promenade Aromarium

Smell ... the aromas of nature

The herbal promenade will be planted with local seasonal herbs such as lavender, juniper, rosemary, myrtle which grow in the zone of Slovenian Istria. Discover the aromatic effects by exploring the walking path.