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The most beautiful corners of the Slovenian coast for the most beautiful memories

The St. Bernardin Resort in Portorož, the San Simon Resort in Izola, and the Salinera Resort in Strunjan are situated in some of the most beautiful parts of the Slovenian coast, trimmed with oleander shrubs, palm trees, rosemary and laurel bushes, and just a step away from the sea. Because we want to enrich your stay with us by offering new experiences, we spent the last few years renovating Grand Hotel Bernardin, Hotel Histrion, and Villa Galeja at Hotel Vile Park. The Trgovska ulica shopping street also got a new look, and we refreshed Cafe Grand and the suites at Grand Hotel Bernardin at the St. Bernardin Resort in Portorož. In 2023 we are planning to renovate the terrace of Grand Hotel Bernardin, which has the most beautiful views, and to renovate 75 rooms in Vila Orada at Hotel Vile Park.  We have also renovated Hotel Haliaetum and the Depandance Sirena at the San Simon Resort in Izola, and the Salinera Apartments at the Salinera Resort in Strunjan. All this to make your holiday close to home with unparalleled views of the blue Slovenian sea even more enjoyable!


The Grand Hotel Bernardin refurbishment

Late April 2018 saw the completion of the EUR 5.4 million refurbishment of the Grand Hotel Bernardin rooms. The refurbished rooms, each featuring a bathroom and a balcony, now have a modern interior with a functional layout and unobstructed views of the sea. The unparalleled sea view from each room is the unique advantage of the Grand Hotel Bernardin that no other hotel can compete with. It was also the inspiration behind the minimalist interior design, with warm colours and sophisticated gold highlights reminiscent of the glittering reflection of the sun on the sea. The main decorative element in each room is the view of the endless blue sea. In addition to the modern interior design, the rooms also feature all-new floor and wall coverings, as well as new plumbing and electrical fittings. To conserve energy, remote controls have been provided for various functions in the rooms. In 2023, we also started refreshing the suites which, once modernised, will offer guests even more comfort. We are also planning to renovate the bar on the terrace of Grand Hotel Bernardin, which has the most beautiful views of the sea. In this way, we will offer our guests an even more pleasurable experience as they socialise and observe the endless blue of the Adriatic.

Find out more about the refurbished Grand Hotel Bernardin.

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The Hotel Histrion refurbishment

June 2020 saw the completion of the EUR 5 million refurbishment of the Hotel Histrion, which included the refurbishment of 276 hotel rooms, including all the bathrooms, balconies, and fittings, the Sea Park Termaris, and the Benedicta Wellness Centre.

There are now more interconnected rooms available on the 3rd floor, which is particularly important for guests with families. The rooms have been redesigned to suit the needs of holiday guests, and furnished with high-quality modern materials. The functional interior design concept is based on the story of Istria, including elements of stone, wood, and traditional Istrian wooden shutters (škure). As part of the refurbishment, the hotel reception, bar, main restaurant, and hallways were also given a fresh look. On top of that, we have updated the fire safety system, including the emergency exits, and the fire escape staircases and passages.  

*Find out more about the refurbished Hotel Histrion.

*From 1998 to 2007, the Hotel Histrion was partially renovated to expand its features and services. The refurbishments included the main restaurant in 1998, the Laguna Bernardin Sea Park and the Hotel Histrion rooms on the first floor in 1999, the remaining two hotel floors in 2002, and the Laguna Wellness Centre in 2003. In 2007, the façade was repainted, and the area around the hotel was given a more modern look.
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The Hotel Vile Park refurbishment

In the first half of 2022, we renovated 66 Premium 3* rooms in Villa Galeja and their outdoor swimming pool. The renovation of the rooms has been inspired by the story of a complete Istria experience, the scent of lavender, the feel of the sea, and the shelter of olive groves. This will continue the story of experiencing Istria – Istriana, which we started writing with the renovation of Hotel Histrion. 

In 2023, the renovation of 75 rooms in Villa Orada is planned, which will continue following the mission of the resort - telling authentic Istrian stories through details in the interior. The renovation of the other villas will continue in stages, which will make Hotel Vile Park and Hotel Histrion become part of the sustainable Istriana seaside family resort. Hotel Vile Park and the beach are now connected by a recently renovated outdoor pool with fun new water games for even the youngest of guests. All guests of Hotel Vile Park will be enjoying their breakfast and dinner in the brand new Restaurant Arkade overlooking the sea. 

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What's new

Istrian breakfast

For an authentic experience of Istrian gastronomy, the St. Bernardin Resort in Portorož, the Salinera Resort in Strunjan, and the San Simon Resort in Izola all offer their guests an authentic Istrian breakfast, composed of typical local dishes like pastries and baked goods, meats, egg dishes, cheeses, fruits, herbs, and more.

New unique desserts

At the St. Bernardin Resort, we have created unique new desserts for our guests, which you can now try in Cafe Grand and Cafe Istriana. Some of the new creations from the hands of our confectioners are the Pistachio Sphere, the Cinnamon Dome with Pear, the Istriana, the Apple Crostata, and the Chocolate Cube with Chestnut.


The Hotel Haliaetum and Sirena annex refurbishment

May 2019 saw the completion of the Hotel Haliaetum and Sirena annex refurbishment. With a total of 78 refurbished rooms, the investment was worth some EUR 2 million. The hotel rooms and bathrooms now have a modern interior with a functional layout. With 10 new rooms added during the refurbishments, the two buildings can now accommodate a total of 252 guests. The rooms have a modern design and remote controls for various functions. In the Hotel Haliaetum, we have refurbished the indoor pool, reception, restaurant, bar, and the children’s corner. The San Simon main restaurant has also been partly renovated. Outside the hotel, we have renovated the Bistro restaurant right by the sea, the waterslide, the pier, and the mini golf course. The San Simon Resort services have been expanded to include the concept of a family-friendly hotel.

Find out more about the refurbished San Simon Resort.

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The Salinera Apartments refurbishment

In the first half of 2022, we renovated 68 Salinera apartments located in terraced holiday homes by the sea and in close proximity to the Strunjan Landscape Park and salt pans. The fully renovated apartments, which include a living room with beds, a kitchenette, a bathroom with shower and a terrace or balcony, tell the  story of the sea, salt and sun. 

More about the refurbishment of Salinera Apartments.

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