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Destination tips

Pearls of the Mediterranean for a cultural remix

Portorož and Piran, two beautiful towns that offers to every visitor a truly authentic cultural remix - influenced by the Northern Mediterranean, combining inspiring modernity and fascinating history.

Why Portorož / Piran

• 100 years long tradition in tourism
• Influenced by the Northern Mediterranean a year rounder destination
• fun in the sun
• combination of inspiring contemporaneity and charming history
• Stimulating atmosphere - Fascinating, charming, loving, functional, active
• Feel at home, among friends – professionalism, passion, kindness
• Cross-road:
       - you can indulge in a visual trip to three countries all at once,
       - meeting point between Slavic and Roman Language,
       - the sea, the rich natural resources, traditional enterprises such as salt production, fishing and growing olives have shaped the character of the landscape and the local people,
       - portorož & Piran are situated between two nature parks. Treasures of the local natural and cultural heritage.
• Hospitable people
• Safe destination

Bernardin is proudly standing right in between.

It is then trully upon you how would you like to get in montion today. With a flavour of the traditional fishermans town or with a touch of modern beet. Get your feelings and emotions in montion. Bernardin - meeting in montion / meeting with motion.

(Motion - means move, means to make a verbal proposal. Motions can be made for any reason, including suggesting a new idea for the group or even something as simple as closing a meeting.)

Olive Istrian olive tree - Istrska Belica

The Legend says that Istrska Belica refused to reign in the Kingdom of Olive trees as her mission was too important for humanity to lose time to reign. Therefore she preferred to grow, reproduce and give birth to an abundance of fruit. In memory of the grand decision the Istrian Belica has a recognizable spicy bitterness, no retreats and pure joy of a perfect and healthy olive oil.

Salt: Salt is the sea that could not return in the sky

The Piran Salt Pans are among those rare salt pans in the world where salt is produced using centuries-old processes, involving entirely natural crystallisation, working by hand and employing tools and procedures used by our ancestors. The tiny pyramidal crystals of white to pink are the most valuable crop of the Piran salt-pans. On the surface of the brine they are generated only with calm weather as they disrupt with the slightest wave. Fleur de sel elevate all salads, carpaccio, seafood and other culinary masterpieces salted right on a plate. Only then the dish acquired taste and a slight aroma of these fragile crystals. On the table it is always in pole-position together with the best extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar. (http://www.soline.si/en/article/salt-panning_2/did-you-know)

Rose: Rose Portorož - "Port of Roses"

Since the beginning of the last century, the name Portoroz connects with roses as the Port of Roses. The rose Portoroz is characterized with its lush flowers which change over time from blaze orange to pale yellow.