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Hygiene Standard Plus

10 protective measures for cleanlines and hygiene at the meetings & events at Sava Hotels & Resorts

The safety and protection of our guests and employees from infection is particularly important to us at SavaHotels & Resorts. We have reviewed the recommendations issued by the National Institute of Public Health(NIJZ) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Working with our medical staff, we have further enhancedthese recommendations and designed a special set of measures for cleanliness and hygiene that we call theSava Hotels & Resorts Hygiene Standard Plus. After close examination of the various hotel processes andservices, we have also drawn up protective measures for participants of events and meetings at our congress,conference, and banquet venues.

1. The capacity of the halls hasbeen reduced to ensure that thedistance between the seats is atleast 1.5 m in all four directions.The necessary distance betweenthe lecturers and the speakers isalso ensured.

2. Where there is enough space,we have two-way routes forparticipants marked withsignposts, and the halls alsohave signs indicating separateentrances and exits.

3. We provide enough hangers inthe cloakroom to ensure theappropriate distance between theclothes.

4. Contactless, sensor-operated handsanitisers are provided in thelobbies and outside the halls.

5. Sanitising wipes are available atthe lectern and the speakers’ tablein each hall.

6. We regularly sanitise all thecommonly used surfaces whereevents and meetings take place:knobs and handles, counters,handrails, tables and chairs.

7. All technical conferenceequipment (microphones, laptops,laser pointers, etc.) that comesinto contact with different users isregularly sanitised.

8. Areas are aired during each break. We have further improved our aircirculation processes to ensurecleaner air.

9. All food is prepared and servedin keeping with strict safetyprotocols. Food during the breaksis now in the form of monoportions, served by our staff.

10. We have reduced the capacity ofour restaurants, banquet halls,and lobbies to ensure a distanceof at least 1.5 m between guests.

We follow the Sava Hotels & Resorts Hygiene Standard Plus set of measures when preparing the hall for an event

1. The distance between the seats is atleast 1.5 m in all four directions.
2. Where there is enough space, wehave two-way routes for participantsmarked with signposts.
3. Contactless, sensor-operated handsanitizers are provided in the lobbiesand outside the halls.
4. All technical conference equipmentand all the commonly used surfaces: knobs and handles, counters,handrails, tables and chairs, areregularly sanitized.
5. Areas are regularly aired.