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Event locations

Surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation our culinary delights are orientated to the Mediterranean cuisine and local tradition. A superb variety of location and culinary arts are on your selection on site within walking distance or for a max of 15 min transportation time.

BBQ PARTY on the Bach

Each region has its own unique style of barbecuing. All we need to do together is select a theme, the rest is based on Bernardin creativity and culinary arts. Will carry it through from set-up, decorations and food preparation. Ideas? Fisermans party, Istrian BBQ party, Sailors BBQ party. Location? Bernardin private beach or Vile Park private beach - just by the sea, inspired by the blue Adriatic, vibrant atmosphere and culinary authenticity. Related activities? Show-cooking contest, cocktail-show contest, fishermen's contest, sailors contest and many more. The final touch are people.

Terrace International

An exceptional, breathtaking location ideal for opening ceremonies, welcome parties, themed dinners. Ideas?  The "fil rouge" of this event are the roses (Portorož means "port of roses"). The beautiful  view over the Adriatic Sea, the spirit of the past, fantastic scenery with the church, roses in all colour varieties, soft music and selection of Slovenian gastronomy delights presented on »regional buffet stands" invigorates the slogan I feel Slovenia. Ideas? At the crucial moment of the evening guests are invited to walk down the »red carpet« to the Laguna Bernardin. A short firework announces the arrival of the jazz bend, coming by boat on the floating stage situated in the middle of the port. At the end of the evening rose-themed gifts are distributed to the guests. Location? Terrace International, Laguna Bernardin.

Restaurant Barka

In the spring, summer or early autumn the terrace of the Barka Restaurant is an ideal place to for a gala dinner. The "fil rouge" of this event is the salt. Welcomed b the "Solinarke" (salt ladies) with salt, bread and olive oil, people are invited to take a seat on the gala settlement on the terrace. Selection of seafood specialties, seasonal dishes accompanied with the sound of violins.  

Grand Garden & Cocktail Lounge

Grand Garden and Cocktail Lounge offers beautiful views of the Piran Bay. The sun rays are softened by the sea waves, which creates a calming atmosphere and provides an ideal place for a cocktail and standing buffet dinner. Premium wine or cocktail refreshments prepared by professional bartenders and to make to make your party unforgettable, master chefs will prepare excellent dishes for you. Ideas? Mediterranean Club Party, 007 Garden Party, White Sensation Party.

Salinera Garden Party

Between Izola and Portoroz, in the embrace of nature the Salinera resort with its natural environment and the mild Mediterranean climate offers unspoiled nature. A perfect location for a gala garden party, enriched with local culinary arts, local crafts in the heart of nature. Ideas? Bio Garden Party, Vege party, Green party. Activities? Facial yoga, Bioenergy points, Show cooking.